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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Relearning How to Fly a Starship. New Pictures of the Voyager. The Imaginarium.

Hello Voyagers!
I'm enjoying my summer. I get up, drive to Timp Cave, walk up to the cave entrance - then back down to the parking lot - then back up to the cave entrance a second time - then home.  I'm not insane to answer your question, I just really enjoy the hike - and it's good exercise.  If you're looking for a great cardio workout, try the cave trail.  The tourists are interesting, and you'll usually meet a friend or two along the way.  

I have a couple other things on my June agenda: 1) Play my small part in getting the new Voyager simulator finished and open. 2) Resurrect my flight director skills.  
The last week of May 2012 was the last time I directed a mission.  A refresher is definitely needed.

I'm relearning the art of flight directing at the Space Center.  I want to thank Mr. Porter and the rest of the CMSEC staff for their patience and kindness. They treat me right and go the extra mile to help me learn the Magellan.  The new Voyager will use the Magellan's controls.  

Of course, not all our time at the Space Center is spent working. Some of the staff (who have no sense of shame) like to run outside when it rains.  It's a contest to see who can run to the curb and back again without getting wet.  Perhaps not the sharpest pencils in the case, but they do know how to fly a simulator!

The Magellan Control Room is usually a happy, relaxed place except when Mr. Porter is there to monitor Connor for political correctness.  

I sit behind the staff, watch and take mental notes.  I compare everything they do with the way I did it on the old Voyager.  Much is the same.  A few things will have to be adapted to my way of doing things (notice I didn't say 'adapted to the right way of doing things'. I must begrudgingly acknowledge the fact that all flight directors have their own style).

Flight directing screens always look complicated.  Don't let that stop you from becoming a flight director. Good flight directors make it look easy because they've done the missions over and over again.  It's a step by step process.  

The best part of flight directing is watching your crew's reactions to you and your team's story telling.

The lonely part of this whole thing is learning ALL the Magellan's bridge stations.  I took the picture above while listening to the Chief of Ops training tape.  It was just me and Maggie.  I wonder if the ship recognized it's old master? 

New Photos of the USS Voyager

I took these pictures on Saturday. The new Voyager is coming along quite nicely.

The winged shape platform is for the Captain, Ambassador, and First Officer.

We're in the back looking at the lighting cloud and work stations.  Dave Daymont was working on his Dance of the Voyagers - a little something he'll perform at the Voyager's open house. 

 Looking from the back toward the front Bridge.

Several members of the Voyager's Dream Team imagineering in the Sick Bay / Engineering hallway.

The Imaginarium

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