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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Help Discovery Space Center Win a Large Grant! Connor's Awesome Summer Camp Mission. The Imaginarium.

Help Discovery Space Center Win a Business Grant

Hello Space Fans!
Our friends at Discovery Space Center are in the running for a $100,000 grant. Check this out.

They need 250 Facebook votes to be in the pool of candidates.  We can get them there.  Please go to the voting website and vote for Discovery Space Center!

Mr. Williamson

Connor's Awesome Mission
Taken from Facebook

Today was definitely one of the most amazing storytelling experiences of my life. Not only being able to officially tell a story I've worked on a ton for months, but the fact that when a terrorist surprise attack happened I got all 10 boys to simultaneously jump, flew the hardest and most intense scene I've ever flown, after the attack got all 10 (ages 9-14) to be totally silent as they watched a death toll rise, to get a solid 1.14 on scores (1.0 being perfect) and at last to get most of the kids to tell me it was their favorite mission. Totally made everything worth it. So proud of everyone that helped make it happen!

(Paradise Lost is the name of this mission.  Connor did a great job, along with his team:  Brylee, Jake, and Andrew.  YOU can do Paradise Lost by signing up for a Space Center Summer Camp. Sign up while there are still openings.  CLICK HERE)

 The Imaginarium

A Creative Way of Naming Colors at a Paint Shop

Something is about to go down.

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