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Friday, June 26, 2015

The New Voyager's Two Colors. No Expense Spared! The Imaginarium.

The Voyager Gets a Second Color! Is the Budget Busted?

Hello Space Fans,
Renaissance Academy is sparing no cost when it comes to the new USS Voyager. Just this week another color was added to the simulator's walls.  Yes, you read it first here - the USS Voyager's bulkhead walls will have AT LEAST two colors.  
SPOILER ALERT:  The rumors you've heard of three or more colors in certain areas like the ceiling and floor are entirely, unequivocally, positively, possible.  You read it here first my friends.  The Troubadour is your place for all space edventure news.

Mr. W.   

One of the Voyager's two revolving doors separating the bridge area from upper engineering and sick bay. 

I like the added touch of the curved wall above the door.  Our builders are amazing, always coming up with ideas and suggestions to make the ship stand out among its peers.

The hallway leading to the bridge. The white section will be covered with a different color: wait for it...... wait for it....... because you'll see it on a future post. 

 And there you have it. 

The new Voyager Simulator offers paradise to lovers of gray like me. We are the ones who find serenity in gray, overcast days and peace in swirling tempests seething with rain.  We are the ones who patiently wait for winter's dark nights carpeted with crisp snow.  

Once settled in this simulator, we may never leave.


 The Imaginarium
Jewels of imagination created in that gray mass between your ears.

Soviet built car vs. German Mercedes.

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