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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Team Kraken, Team Five of Five to Finish Round 4 of this Year's LDM. The Countless Volunteer Hours for the New Voyager. The Imaginarium.

Team Kraken Wraps Up Farpoint Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission Round Four. 

Team Kraken had the duty to finish the fourth round of the LDM early last Saturday.

This is Noah. Noah was mesmerized by the iPad's camera feature. Noah was the Engineer.

Travis manned the Sensors station.  He didn't bat an eye when confronted with a couple dozen Romulan Warbirds!

Savannah volunteered for Captain. Little did she know what she actually volunteered for!

Hannah was the First Officer and Right Hand to the Captain.

Kevin was the Chief of Operations.  I don't think he took his eyes off his screens once during the entire two hours they were on the Bridge.

This is Collin.  Collin was the Kraken's Tactical Officer.

I didn't want to disturb Scott's game to take a photo.  He played Security when he wasn't playing the odds with a smuggled deck of cards. "It's amazing what you can read into a deck of cards," Scott said. "These cards here tell me we haven't got a chance of survival.  I won't tell the rest of the crew.  Don't want to dash their hopes."

This is Orion. Orion had the thankless job of Damage Control Officer.  He managed to pull a smile out of storage for the photo, then broke down in tears afterwards.

Braden is always happy, even after being assigned Counterintelligence.  "Hey, when life hands you lemons - make deadly probes with stealth devices," he said.

Dakota had Communicates - another thankless yet vital job to the overall success of the mission.

The crew receiving the last rights ah..... er...... last instructions and advice from Head Coach Brittney.

Travis and Savannah enjoying a light moment after seeing several dozen Romulan Warbirds ahead.

Dakota being pestered by Collin to make more and more calls.  "Hey, I'm only doing my job," Collin explained after hearing Dakota mumble "Why can't people leave me alone!"

Kevin showing off to Noah and Braden.  He had to sneeze soooo badly but held it in. He knew that if he sneezed, his eyes would be off his computers for a fraction of a second, and that was unacceptable.

Team Kraken, the wise, righteous, well educated, daring squadron that lives up to its motto:  "Bring it On!"

Kevin put in double duty on Saturday.  He was up early for his LDM, went to the club meeting at Renaissance, then put in a five hour mission in the late afternoon / evening.  Good job "Never Say Die" Kevin!

The Anderson Brothers Put in Overtime on the USS Voyager

Brent and Alex Anderson are righteous brothers indeed.  They were at Renaissance working on the Voyager and the fund raiser all Saturday afternoon. Matt Long was there as well doing some filming for the same fundraiser.   We are easily over the $100,000 dollar mark when it comes to the total value of the volunteer time put into this project by all those associated with the new Voyager.  These are professional people spending their valuable free time on a project they feel deeply about.

Saturday's last picture.  Alex DeBirk, Alex Anderson, Mark Ursic, and Brent Anderson Voyager talking outside the simulator.  

 The Imaginarium

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