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Monday, December 29, 2014

An Update on the IKS Dreamcatcher Simulator at Penn Hills Elementary School, Pennsylvania. The Imaginarium

Upgrades to Dream Flight Adventures, IKS Dreamcatcher 

by Admiral Starblayze


A few weeks ago we shared a glimpse at the bridge of the illusive IKS Dreamcatcher, the brand-new simulator located in Penn Hills Elementary School, Pennsylvania, which is scheduled for launch in January 2015.  We've received word that select groups of test pilots are being fitted for their training uniforms.There have also been reports of adventurous test flights, but as it turns out these reports were misinformed.The truth is that there simply has been an unexplained concentration of swamp gas in the area that has caused refractions of moonlight that merely appear as if a high-tech futuristic vessel is landing and taking off. Likewise, the recent surge in student excitement and cafeteria gossip is purely coincidental.
But enough with the rumors—let's stick to the facts.  First, we know that the IKS Dreamcatcher is the keystone component of the "Imaginarium" room at Penn Hills Elementary School.

Next, we know that the Dreamcatcher has recently undergone a facelift to improve the overall aesthetic.  The walls have been painted with a nice metallic sheen, and the color scheme has been enhance to help the Dreamcatcher's intrepid crews focus on their missions.  Check it out, in all its beauty: Stay tuned for more updates as the Dreamcatcher's launch approaches.
The Imaginarium

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