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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Scorpio Squadron Starts Round Two of the 2016 LDM. Dream Flight Adventures Unveils Operation Rx. The Imaginarium.

The Voyager Club's Scorpio Squadron: Round Two of the 2016 Long Duration Mission - No Problem.

Hello Voyagers,
     The second round of the 2016 LDM is off to a great start. And, with much fanfare and bravado, the Scorpio Squadron was first out of the gate at 7:45 A.M.  Cooper was the captain and, according to Supercoach Brittney, did "an entirely adequate job!" (I may have misheard the word adequate. Perhaps awesome was her correct word choice). 
      Normally I observe and take copious notes on the bridge - carefully recording the number of steps taken by each cadet, the amount of pencil lead used, the length of explanations, the depth of sighs etc. Today was different. This morning I worked alongside Superflightdirector Connor as his second chair wingman. Oh....... now I remember where I heard the word adequate. It wasn't Cooper, it was Connor's answer to a question about my competency. Nevermind.
     It was enjoyable interacting with the Scorpio cadets from the control room side. They're a funny, energetic, precocious, group of teens who surely don't need us to entertain them. 
Well done Scorpio. You're a credit to your school and our club!

Mr. Williamson 

Supercoach Brittney debriefing Scorpio after their Round Two mission.  This is a rare photo indeed. It is the only one known to exist showing the squad with closed mouths and giving 100% attention.  That's why we call Brittney the Supercoach.  They're totally engrossed with the pearls emanating from Brittney's years of wisdom and experience.
Hello Troops,
Another excellent example of the great work our friends at Dream Flight Adventures are doing with their simulators and classes in Pennsylvania.  Operation Rx is experiential education at its best. This is a post on the new simulation from Dream Flight's blog.  The IKS Highlander is located at J E Harrison Middle School in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District, Pennsylvania. 

Mr. Williamson  

Operation Rx Coming to Dream Flight Adventures' IKS Highlander Mission Ops Lab

Operation Rx 001
This just in from the IKS Highlander’s Mission Ops lab:
Operation Rx is an extension of the Pandemic Mission for 6th Grade Gifted Students at J. E. Harrison Middle School.  A Sneak Peak into the scenario…
Students are working the midnight shift as a pharmacist at J. E. Harrison Community Hospital.  The attending physician, Dr. Sandra Cheeks, who accompanies the students on all medical rounds and who signs off on all orders has been on vacation in Texas all week.  The students had expected her back and became concerned when she did not show up at the hospital.  Suddenly, they receive an URGENT page to dial 274.  Dr. Cheeks called saying her flight has been delayed and she will not be back tonight.  A new patient with a complicated case in on the way to the hospital.  The students will fly solo and handle the patient’s care… TO BE CONTINUED…
Operation Rx 009
The Imaginarium

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