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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Casey Voeks Weds Katy Maxwell. 30 Years of Valentine's Parties. The Imaginarium.

My Good Friend Casey Weds
     Casey Voeks is a legend in the Space Center community. He first darkened the Space Center's doors on a 6th grade field trip from Cherry Hill Elementary School in Orem. From that moment on, he never left. He found his second home and second family with us - out here in space.  Later, after his LDS mission, he found another love - politics.  It seemed like the perfect life, but it wasn't.
     Everything changed when he met Katy.  Without Casey's permission, I'm going to share a few things Casey wrote on Facebook about this fourth, and most important, pillar in his life. 

As the wedding day approaches, one of the more frequent questions or comments I get is, "Wow, four boys, that transition can be tough!"
We certainly will have our share of difficulties. I am completely new to parenting and the unique challenges that come with that responsibility. I would not claim to have it all figured out or that there will never be setbacks.
However, I have to say, it really isn't as hard as I think people think it is. These little guys have become my little buddies and I have become there helper. There have been real moments of sadness and stress that life has forced upon their little souls that most people never experience. I admire them for how the handle it all.I knew from the beginning that Katy was it for me. The 'plot twist' of four boys was certainly something that took adjustment and a lot of reflection and prayer to determine if I could handle it. Not because I wondered if I could love the boys, but I wondered if I could measure up to what they would need.
The friendship, connection, and loyalty I feel to these little gents is something that will last forever. We teach each other, we support each other, and we fight for each other. For me, there is nothing hard about transitioning into being married to my best friend and having the four coolest roommates I've ever had.
I'm so happy right now! I'm pleased with my reality. I found my perfect match who I trust with every ounce of my life.
Politics is full of cynics and backstabbers. I somehow don't have many of those in my life. I have true friends from across the political spectrum who know my desire for expanding our everyday freedoms.
My work is a joy and our team is brilliant. I am fortunate to live the life I dreamed of. This chapter has been remarkable.
Thank you to my spectacular friends for being in my life. I will never forget the kind people who have been there for me each step of the way.

Connor Larson wrote about Casey's impact on his life on his Facebook page:

Got to hit up Casey Voeks and Katy Maxwell's reception tonight! (It's was crazy, he's not looking at the camera because I think he's looking for the boys or something;)) but I can't express how grateful I am to know Casey! He's been a wonderful mentor to me for the last 6 and a half years at the Space Center and an awesome friend. Between bouncy ball tendencies, me when I was little, dollar menu McDonald's nights, midnight IHOP's been quite the party smile emoticon Can't wait to see him be an amazing role model to his little boys now! Congrats you two!! 
     Connor pretty much summed it up for us all. 

     On behalf of all of us who live, breath, and eat space centers, I'd like to wish Casey, Katy, and the boys all the best. I'd also like to welcome Katy and the boys into our space center family. We're a quirky bunch, but you already knew that or you wouldn't have married one of the quirkiest of all!


And Now......

     Besides Casey's wedding, It's been a quiet week. I enjoy quiet weeks. No LDM this morning so everyone got to sleep in. Sleeping in is foreign to me so I was still up at 4:00 A.M.  Why I'm wired that way, I'll never know.
     Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow morning.  I'll sleep in until 5:00 A.M. I guess that's a cheaters way of sleeping in.

     I'd like to share this poorly made composite picture I put together last Sunday. Wow, time really passes quickly.

30 years apart - Valentine's Day Class Pictures. My Central Elementary 1986 sixth grade class on the left and my Renaissance Academy 2016 class of 6th graders on the right. What a great group of kids three decades apart. This is my 34th year teaching, so I can honestly say that 6th graders haven't changed one bit except for the technology in their backpacks smile emoticon

The Imaginarium

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