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Friday, March 25, 2016

Brilliant 6th Grade Class Discovered and Filmed in the Wild! The Imaginarium.

Brilliant 6th Grade Class Discovered at Renaissance Academy

     The headline is correct. A brilliant 6th grade class was discovered at Renaissance Academy. Dan Pope, Good For Utah's weatherman (Channel 4) made the discovery during a search through Utah's jungle of schools and classrooms. "We thought they were extinct," he said when asked about the find. "Common knowledge was that the last Brilliant Class species of 6th Grader died out in the early 1960's.  That's why this discovery is so important.  Who would have thought another class would be found right under our noses in Lehi, Utah!?"
     To document his discovery, Dan Pope - accompanied by a camera crew and science team from IM Flash- traveled to Renaissance Academy to video the class in action.  The video is available for all to see.  The filming took place on the bridge of the new USS Voyager simulator. The Brilliant 6th Grade Class was corralled by their teacher and noted anthropologist, Victor Williamson.  Mr. Williamson set three simple ground rules the team from Channel 4 had to follow. 1) No feeding the younglings. 2) No mention of the outside world. Remember the prime directive. 3) Don't forget they are highly intelligent and curious. They must be kept behind protective barriers if dangerous substances were to be used.  Channel 4 agreed to the terms and the students were escorted to the simulator for the science demonstration.
     Please take a moment and enjoy this rare sighting of one of the world's last Brillant 6th Grade Classes.

Weather School at Renaissance Academy with IM Flash Dan Pope was live at Renaissance Academy in Lehi for Weather School with IM Flash.

The Imaginarium

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