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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Spirit of the New Voyager. See Some of Its Technology in Action. A Video Tour of the New Voyager. Theater Imaginarium.

The Anderson Brothers. Alex and Brent

Hello Troops,
     A few video updates are on today's schedule, brought to you by the Anderson Brothers (Alex and Brent) and Renaissance Academy's new USS Voyager experiential simulator. Alex and Brent spend a few hours in the Voyager every Saturday working on the simulator's intelligence. All the ship's programming, from sound effects to video to lighting to music to just about everything is controlled by their FLINT operating program. It's too technical for me,  but just to be on the safe side, I am going to ask them to install a failsafe off switch somewhere in the control room just in case FLINT becomes SKYNET and the Voyager turns on us in a nasty and fatal way. 
    Brent and Alex are proud of their work; they should be. Their creations will affect the lives of thousands of children over the years.  Thank you Anderson brothers. You've done well. You've given the ship of dreams its spirit. 

Mr. Williamson    

Brent Introduces You to the Voyager's New Voice Changer

Alex Introduces you to the Voyager's Cool Brig / Containment Room 

     To wrap up today's post I present a video walk through of the new USS Voyager. It is nearly finished. May 1 is our deadline.  

A Tour of the New Voyager

Theater Imaginarium

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