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Friday, July 10, 2015

Wednesday at Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Camp. The Plot Thickens.

Day Three of the Five Day Ultimate Camp at Discovery Space Center. Arcon Industries Double Cross!

The Mega-Five Day Simulation Continues at Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove.  Here are the news bulletins from Wednesday. 

Late Tuesday night, the crew of the Pathfinder found the family of Arcon's CEO who had been kidnapped earlier in the day. Needless to say, they return heros. The government is considering citations and perhaps medals for bravery in the field of battle.

Sources close to the President report that Arcon officials were found near Neptune at a secret science facility owned by Dr. Faust, The UCE's brilliant and foremost authority on artificial intelligence.  The question is where Dr. Faust's loyalty lies.  Some say he is sympathetic to Earth. Others say his real allegiance is to himself.  His greed and conceit may have gotten the best of him. Is Dr. Faust in league with the Syndicate criminal organization?  
Our sources say that Arcon successfully purchases Dr. Faust's latest AI software and uploaded it to one of the ship's main computers.  

New information leads us to believe that Arcon is planning a coup against the government.  Arcon officials were brought to the Assembly to explain their actions and intentions.

The President and Executive Branch listen as allegations of treason against Arcon, the galaxy's largest military contractor and builder of all UCE starship's are brought to the Assembly for discussion.

Casey Voek's leads the discussion.  If the charges are true, what can they do. Has Arcon, and her CEO Kit, broken any laws? 

Kit was asked to stand before the Assembly (House, Senate, Supreme Court, and Executive) to speak on behalf of his company and set the record straight.
"Are you planning to take over the government?" one camper asked point blank.  Kit appeared frustrated by the question, thought for a moment and then spoke. "Yes!"  
The room erupted in indignation.  All members of government stood and shouted "Traitor!" Some started throwing their briefing papers at the Arcon executives.  The situation was out of control. 
Arcon's security, sensing the danger their bosses were in, raised their stun rifles and fired into the mob.  In a matter of seconds, the entire government of the UCE was stunned to the floor.   

 Arcon's management fled the room and gathered near the launching ports to discusses their options.

They had no choice. They took one of the starships docked at Prometheus Station and fled for the deep solar system. 

Five minutes later, the government awoke.  Action was required.  A meeting was held with the leader of the Fringe.  Up until now, the Fringe Colonies weren't sure of their relationship with the United Colonies of Earth. After the Arcon escape and coup attempt, the leader of the Fringe approached the President and offered his hand in support of the government pledging his planet's support in the nation's fight against Arcon.

Arcon's executives boarded a ship and escaped.

The President met with his cabinet, then took a call from his frustrated "wife" asking why he was never at home.  It took him awhile to explain the current situation the country was in.

Newspaper article from the Union Beacon

Newspaper article from the Union Beacon

Newspaper article from the Union Beacon

The Assembly was called to order.  The President informed the House and Senate of the deal struck with the Fringe.  The Assembly responded with cheers and applause.

It was time for action!  The president ordered the launching of starships to hunt Arcon down and bring them to justice.  The military responded and ships were launched.

Will Arcon be found?  What new troubles face these 48 brave campers in this Ultimate Simulation?
Stay tuned for developments.

Mr. W. 


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