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Monday, July 13, 2015

Honor's Night at the Space Center. Volunteers and Make Up - a No No. We've Almost Reached Pluto. The Imaginarium.

Honor's Night Highlights

Honor's Night at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center is a time to feast and recognize the Center's outstanding staff and volunteers.
July's Honor's Night was hosted by the Space Center's very own director, James Porter.

Realizing he may have misjudged his staff's appetite, James urged those gathered to consume mass quantities of Little Caesar's pizza.  When vocal encouragement wasn't enough, a record of consumption degrees was kept on the whiteboard. 

Sadly, I fell into the non-recognized 1 Slice Club.  My hat goes off to those listed in the 4+ Champions category.  Given the chance, I'll bet a few could have finished off an entire pizza themselves.  BTW, a cookie count was kept as well for those with a sweeter tooth.  Carbs are where I show true championship qualities. 

The Leaning Tower of Pizza under construction on the Gift Shop counter. We all knew Somebody would take them to the trash. At the end through, Mr. Porter appointed one of the staff to do Somebody's job. Somebody has a lazy streak and thus is consistently unreliable.

Odyssey Set Director Tabitha was please to present Lissa with her Odyssey Pass Pin.
Congratulations Lissa - one of the Space Center's rising stars.

Galileo Set Director Nathan was more than pleased to present the Galileo Pass Off Pin to Nolan.  Nolan received the pin on behalf of all the little volunteers in the room who have months to go before they stand a chance to get that coveted pin.

Mr. Porter was overly pleased to present Tabitha with her Two Years of Service Pin.  There was a pause in the ceremony while he and the pin's clasp had a bit of a disagreement.

Lindsey was happy to stand in front of her peers to accept her Two Years of Service Pin. James, having lost the battle with the previous clasp, elected to hand her the pin. A wise move Mr. Porter.

Feeling more confident with the pin, Mr. Porter successfully pinned the Five Years of Service Pin onto Connor's lanyard.  

Connor shook hands and began recollecting the highlights of his five years at the Space Center.  His extemporaneous tell all oratory continued even through the awarding of Erin's Five Years of Service Pin.   

Connor was kind enough to stop so Erin could receive her congratulatory hand shake from the Boss.

The highlight of the evening - the best of show - came at the end. Dave Daymont was asked to come forward to received the golden Ten Year's of Service Pin! There are very few who walk on God's green Earth who own the Gold Pin.  Those who have represent the best and most dedicated people to this unusual simulator endeavor.  

Be kind to those in the Decade Club. Help them across the street when out and about.  Help them read the small print.  Cut their meat into bite sized portions when dining out. Help them remember names and places when their memories fade.  And gently pat them on the back when choking and / or to congratulate them on a job well done.  

Honor's Night ended with the Best Simulator Trophy given to the Galileo. Galileo flight directors, Erin and Nathan accepted the trophy with an "in your face" attitude directed toward the flight directors of the other three simulators. The trophy is given based on camper's comments and Mr. Porter's biases :)
Congratulations Galileo on a job well done.

CMSEC Volunteers Go Crazy for Make Up

A make up kit should NEVER be within arm's reach of a Space Center Voyager Volunteer.  That tried and tested rule was broken recently at the Space Center.   Four of our best volunteers saw the kit on the counter and couldn't resist.  A few minutes later, the deed was done. The four were ready to make the next Magellan landing party one the campers would never forget (and have nightmares over for sure).  

The Imaginarium

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