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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Five Day Camp News Videos. The Imaginarium.

Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Five Day Camp News Videos

Hello Space Fans,
It's uncommon for The Troubadour to spend six posts in a row on one subject. Such singular coverage would be reserved for end of the world scenarios, alien first contact, and very unusual events at one of the Space EdVenture centers.  The Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Camp was one of those events.  Just that fact that it was the first five day sleep over camp done at one of the Centers in the last decade or so is reason enough.

This is the last post on the camp and perhaps the most entertaining. Today you get to see all the news videos filmed, written, and edited by DSim's Skyler Carr. Skyler filmed major camp news then rushed off to some corner of the school to do his editing magic.  What you see below is the result - all seven videos are playlisted.


The Ultimate Camp News Videos
By Skyler Carr
and his trusty GoPro video camera.  Inseparable.  

The Imaginarium

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