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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Five Day Camp Ends. The Imaginarium.

The 5 Day Ultimate Camp Ends Victoriously

And just as quickly as it started on Monday, Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Five Day Camp came to an end Friday afternoon at 3:00 P.M.  
The campers were up early and into the ships to wrap up several loose ends and find those devious Arcon executives.  What made Friday's missions unusual was that EVERYBODY did this mission in the DSC's two simulators: Everest and Pathfinder.  It was a tight squeeze, but nobody wanted to sit the mission out and not get to see Arcon get what what it deserved - punishment.  At one point in the mission, all 48 campers had to squeeze into the Everest. It was shoulder to shoulder, but they held it together and accomplished their mission goals despite all the hardships thrown at them by the evil staff in the mission control rooms.    

And with the announcement that the mission goals had been achieved, lunch was served. Not just any lunch mind you, it was all you can Chinese lunch day!  

The primary topic of conversation during lunch was Arcon. Surprisingly, the executives of the mega-conglomerate had a change of heart and, after seeing the galactic threat the Syndicate posed, joined forces with the United Colonies of Earth. It was a true Kumbaya moment as all the campers joined hands in brotherhood - united in common cause.  

It was time for another Skyler Carr news video after lunch.  The news videos were amazing; proof of Skyler's true genius.  

The final General Assembly was called to order.  Casey presented the campers  with their final mission objective. "If you aren't successful with this last mission, humanity is lost. I'm not kidding. Humanity will be lost and you will have failed your five day mission. Don't disappointed." 

The mission objective, find the alien race called "The Neighbors" and discover their purpose and objects.

Casey's detailed map of the area with mission objectives clearly outlined on the white board

The campers suited up and loaded the simulators. It was the do or die moment.

The ship's launched with much fanfare.  
And while all the attention was being given to the campers, the unsung heros of the camp were at work behind the scenes making it all happen.  Rick (above) was one of those heros, spending the camp cleaning up after the campers and doing it with a smile.  Great job Rick!

The simulators launched. It was the defining moment of the five day experience.  Would they find 'the Neighbors'?

Where the 'Neighbors' found. I think the picture above answers that.  Frightening, aren't they?
What did the campers discover?  Ah, that would be giving it away..... Sign up for the next Ultimate Camp and find out. 

 With the missions over, and time running out on the camp clock, the campers gathered for the camp photo (at the top of the post). Of course there had to be the more relaxed pose as well. 

 The Discovery Space Center is always seeking camper input to improve the camps. The Ultimate Campers had an eight page survey to complete. They didn't complain (well, a few did - but only a few) and cheerfully filled in the blanks. One part of the survey asked which of the staff they thought went the extra mile to make the camp enjoyable and meaningful for them.  The staff and interns lined up to be introduced.

It resembles a police line up, doesn't it?  
The staff introduced themselves one by one. The staff work hard for recognition because each vote translates to a little extra $$ in their pocket as a reward for a job well done. 

Then it was time to announced the camp awards.  Several of the campers were awarded free Overnight Camps with one being named the camp's MVP.

Kit took the Ultimate Camp MVP award.  He won a free Ultimate Camp for next summer.  Good Job Kit!

Team Discovery

The Ultimate Camp's simulations within simulations were outstanding.  Congratulations to the DSC's management: Casey, Skyler, and Brandon, for a job well done.  Discovery Space Center's first Five Day Camp was a success!  

Mr. W 

The Imaginarium

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