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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Incredible Space Center Mini-Mission. The Imaginarium.

The Incredible Space Center Mini-Mission

Hello Space Fans,
     You should know by now, being loyal and true readers of The Troubadour, that I'm spending more time than usual at the Space Center (CMSEC) this summer. It is not that I've nothing better to do with my summer time off.  I'm spending a lot of time at the Space Center to learn to fly the Magellan simulator. Renaissance Academy's new USS Voyager opens in two months or so with the Magellan's software installed on its computers.  If I want a smooth opening and come across as someone who know's what he's doing, I must learn to fly the Magellan now, not then.  A big thank you to the Space Center's staff for their patience and welcome. 
     A few days ago I stopped in during one of the long day camps. The Magellan crew had just finished a delicious Chic-fil-A lunch and sat ready on the Magellan bridge to start a series of mini-missions leading up to their big 5 hour finale. Connor suggested I watch from the bridge instead of the control room. "This is a fun crew. You'll get a kick out of their reaction to the staff," he explained. 
     The twenty minute mission started. I wasn't disappointed. 

The Magellan Captain trying to explain the Magellan's tactical systems.

The mission involved a first contact situation between the Federation Starship Magellan and an alien race best named The Peculiars (not their real name, but descriptive of their personalities).  

Spencer was very good at pretending not to comprehend the difference between a control rod and an isolinear chip, much to the crew's frustration.

Soon the captain was surrounded by babbling idiots, each trying to out talk the other with the captain trying his best to referee.  

Connor sat on the bridge beside me watching his creative genius at work, live on the stage of his Magellan ship.

At the end, the Peculiars were invited to return to the ship from which they sprang.  Connor and crew gathered around the captain to discuss the adventure's ups and downs. 

The mini-missions are imagineering at its best.  

Mr. W. 

The Imaginarium

Your choice, a bullet through the heart or this?

I need

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Every epic journey starts with one step.

The one on the right - no doubt about it.

Somebody lost their will to live.

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