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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jon Parker Learned From the Best. Prometheus Squadron Survives with Bruised Egos. Julie Anna Finds the Imaginarium. The Imaginarium.

Jon Learned From the Best

I like to think my old Space Center staff learned something during my 22 years at the helm so, when I see one of my lessons put into modern practice at the CMSEC I feel a sense of pride.   

My Space Center office desk before the new Odyssey was built sat right where the Odyssey's main tactical screen is today.  From that desk I ruled the five kingdoms (simulators). The Voyager was to my right, the Odyssey directly in front, and the Phoenix to my left. The sounds of the three ships in flight made concentration difficult. There was also the problem if sitting at the crossroads of the three ships. All staff and volunteer foot traffic passed in front of me.  Being of a friendly nature and eloquent conversationalist, most wanted to stop and talk - meaning it took me twice as long to get anything done. 

My solution to avoid being rude and telling people to 'go away' was a set of earphones and the well rehearsed appearance of being deep in reflective thought. It usually worked.  And as you can see above, Jon learned from my example and employs the same technique today. 

Good on ya Jon!


Prometheus Squadron Squeaks Through the LDM's Fifth Round!

Bradyn Lystrup hovers proudly over his Prometheus Squadron at the end of the fifth round of this year's LDM.  Not wanting to go into details, for in so doing I'd spoil the round for the remaining two squadrons, I can't tell the story of their heroic deeds and selfless bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. What I can say is we had a blast conniving and plotting against this band of brothers. They were good sports and left with only their egos bruised - no actual physical injuries to report.  Great Job Prometheus!    

Julie Anna Finds the Imaginarium's Spanish Bureau

The Troubadour's Imaginarium has consulates and embassies throughout the world. Julie Anna Sanchez, one of the Space Center's veteran volunteers and Troubadour ambassador at large, stopped at our Santander, Spain consulate for a quick photo.  Thanks Julie for the update and keep in touch!


The Imaginarium

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