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Friday, July 10, 2015

Thursday at the Ultimate Camp. Arcon Industries Does it Again! The Mega-Simulation Continues. The Imaginarium.

Day Four of Discovery Space Center's Ultimate Camp. Arcon Brought To Justice?

The corporate criminals you see in the photo above are the President, CEO, CFO, and Department Heads of Arcon Corporation, the Galaxy's largest multi-conglomerate multi-planet corporation.  Yes they look surprised. Yes, the look repentant. Yes, they even look guilty as charged.  

Wednesday was another big day at the Discovery Space Center. The Arcon / Sandbox Mega-Simulation continued with the capture of the Arcon elite by the simple, honest, hard working people of the United Colonies of Earth.  They launched their starships early in the morning with one purpose in mind - capture the Arcon traitors and bring them to justice.  

The Arcon Elite were found, restrained, and brought back in chains to face justice. The Supreme Court was called into session for the trail.

In the photo above, the chief prosecutor questions Austin, the President of Arcon. The president has nothing to say. In fact, the entire Arcon team seem unconcerned about the trail. They sit remarkably calm. Did they know something the court didn't? 

Casey Voeks:  "If I tap you on the head you're down."
Casey moved about the room after making that startling announcement. The campers knew something was afoot, but what could they do except wait for that inevitable 'tap'.  

Ah, everyone in the court when 'down' except Arcon.  It appeared that one of Arcon's executives contacted the Syndicate when they made their one allowed phone call.  The Syndicate gladly infiltrated Prometheus Base (possibly a secret mole working on the starbase) and released tranxene gas into the courtroom incapacitating the court. Arcon was immune to the gas - explanation unclear. I'm sure the Syndicate was behind that as well.  See, what nearly unlimited amounts of money can buy?   

The President of the United Colonies of Earth found the Supreme Court justices and courtroom spectators in their stunned state. He revived them and learned of Arcon's escape.

Arcon, heavily armed, gathered near one of the station's docking ports plotting their escape. It appears their numbers have grown to include more despicable me's - underworld undesirables.  And wouldn't you know that one of them would be a Utah fan.   

The campers not involved in the morning's trial and escape were in the simulators working through a long list of 911 missions. Above, the crew of the Everest just returned to Prometheus Station in time for lunch.  

The crew of the Pathfinder returned from their A.M. mission.

Lunch at Prometheus Station gave the campers a bit of rest and relaxation. Stories were swapped between teams.  

The afternoon started with another General Assembly.  The meeting started with news of another traitor.  The Secretary of State (nicknamed Checkers - shown below in a checkered hoodie) turned to the dark side and aligned himself with Arcon.  He left the Executive seats and moved to the opposite side of the room to sit with his new unsavory friends.   

The President first asked for updates from the two simulator captains.

 Both captains reported to the Assembly outlining their mission successes and failures.  

The Assembly ended with the posting of each camper's overall assessment.  Individual scores are
O+, O, O- (for outstandings).  S+, S, S- (for satisfactories).  N+, N, N- (for needs improvement).
There were no scores in the N range.  

The President order the station's simulators launched to find Arcon and finish the long list of 911 calls coming in from all parts of Colonial space.  

Swimming was on the agenda after supper, then Black Ops, a favorite 'night games' activity for all DSC camps.

Be sure to read the rest of the posts on the 5 day camp.  

Mr. W. 

The Imaginarium


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