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Sunday, April 9, 2017

What's Offered at the Farpoint Space Education Center, Home of the USS Voyager, the Newest Simulator in the Fleet. Theater Imaginarium.

Programs Offered at the Farpoint Space Education Center

This posting will cover programs offered at the new Farpoint Space Education Center. Included will be information of programs offered at our two sister centers, the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center (CMSEC) and the Telos Discovery Space Center. 

The Farpoint Space Education Center is located in beautiful Lehi, Utah just minutes away from Thanksgiving Point. We're right across the Timp Highway from IM Flash; tucked neatly inside Renaissance Academy, a public K-9 charter school. 

There is a reason why Farpoint's logo is similar to the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's logo. 

I designed the CMSEC's logo 27 years ago when I founded the Center. I liked the Nike swoosh and, well..... the rest is history. I wanted the general look of both logos to symbolize programs that use the simulator based experiential education model I created at the CMSEC and recreated at Farpoint. The logo symbolizes starship simulators which use nearly identical techniques in delivering quality experiential education experiences. 

Field Trips
Farpoint doesn't offer field trips. It's hard to do when you have one simulator.  The CMSEC is where you go for field trips; the best field trips in the state I proudly add. The CMSEC director and staff work hard to deliver the best experience at an unbelievable price!  It's difficult to get a field trip slot these days because of the Center's popularity, so if you're interested, book early. Phone 801.785.8713 or visit  


All three organizations offer summer camps. Farpoint has joined with the Telos Discovery Space Center and the CMSEC to offer the Grand Tour of the Space Centers Camp this summer.  Our campers will get to experience the simulators at all three space education centers.  
The CMSEC and Telos Discovery Space Center offers a wide variety of exciting summer camps covering every price range. The Space Centers Grand Tour Camp will be available for booking on April 15. 
The Telos Discovery Space Center is the only center offering overnight camps.
You'll find links and further information on summer camps at   

School STEM Space Clubs 
The Farpoint Space Education Center is the only center offering after school space clubs for students in grades 3 - 12.  Our clubs are open to students from any school, although preference is given to Renaissance students. Farpoint is a division of Renaissance Academy. 

The SpaceGuard Fifth Grade Cobra Squadron

The Middle School SpaceGuard Lion Squadron
     •  SpaceGuard: There are 27 squadrons of nine students each in this school year's program. Our cadets fly extended, episodic missions called Long Duration Missions (LDMs) in the new Voyager simulator. The cadets meet once monthly. Their schedule alternates between LDMs and workshops and classes focused on science, technology, 
engineering, and math. Do you have a student who really loves space and wants to find a way to get more involved?  Consider enrolling him or her in next year's SpaceGuard. Visit our website for more information.

A few of our Voyagers getting ready to start a mission

     • Voyagers:  The Voyager Club is for students in grades 7 - 12 who have an interest in volunteering at the Center. Voyagers work behind the scenes in the Voyager Control Room creating the missions for the SpaceGuard cadets.  Voyagers learn to write missions, program computers to help with the simulations, and help the staff operate the camps and classes. Visit for more information.    
Private Missions

All three organizations offer private missions. Farpoint offers Saturday private missions on the new USS Voyager simulator during the school year. Other days will be added in the summer. 
The CMSEC offers private missions in their 4 simulators in the evenings and all day on Saturdays. The private mission program changes in the summer with private missions offered during the day when camps are not in session. 
Telos Discovery Space Center offers private missions at two locations: Canyon Grove Academy and Lakeview Academy.
Visit for more information.


Math Education at Farpoint
The Farpoint Space Education Center offers after school math help and tutoring every afternoon Monday - Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00 P.M.  There is no charge for the math tutoring program.

Farpoint's After School Math Help Group. You wouldn't expect to see smiles like this in a math group.

These kids work hard to improve their math grades. Farpoint and Renaissance Academy
emphasize excellence in math and science

Computer Programming at Farpoint
The Farpoint Space Education Center offers Saturday morning computer programming classes using the Google CS curriculum. The classes are offered on two levels; beginning and advanced. SpaceGuard cadets attend free of charge. Others pay a small fee.  

One of Farpoint's 2016-2017 beginning programming classes 

Planetarium Presentations at the CMSEC
The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center offers public planetarium programs for a nominal charge in their portable inflatable planetarium. Visit for more information.   


All three organizations offer volunteering programs. Farpoint's Voyager Club is our volunteering organization for students in the 7th - 12th grade. Learn more at
Contact Mr. James Porter for information on volunteering at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Phone 801.785.8713 or online at
Contact Megan Warner for information on volunteering at the Telos Discovery Space Center.

Imaginarium Theater

The Best Gifs of the Week edited for a general audience. 
Here you go 6th Graders. Enjoy.  You didn't earn it this week because you've been on spring break. Thanks OK. I'll get extra work out of you this week.
Mr. W. 

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