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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two New Starship Simulators Under Construction at Early Light Academy in South Jordan, Utah. New Logo for Telos Discovery Space Center? Old Post from August 2000 Mentioned are Soren Seibach, Stephen Porter, Bryson Lystrup, Landon Hemsley, Dave Wall, Davide Merrell, Mr. Daymont, and Wayne Sandholtz. Theater Imaginarium

South Jordan's Early Light Academy Building Two Starship Simulators

Early Light Academy. South Jordan, Utah
Early Light Academy is a K-9 public charter school located in South Jordan, Utah.  The school's philosophy is posted on their web site.

"Taking our students from the stone age to the space age..." isn't a catching slogan when you're building two Voyager inspired starship simulators powered by InfiniD.     

A member of Renaissance Academy's Farpoint Voyager Club is a student at Early Light and was kind enough to take a few pictures for The Troubadour detailing the construction already underway.  The two simulators will sit back to back much like the two ships at Canyon Grove and Lakeview Academies.   

As true of most simulators inspired by the original USS Voyager, these two new simulators will have dark room revolving doors as entrances.  The doors came from the closed simulators at Stonegate in Pleasant Grove.  It's good to see them back in use.   

 The ships will be a little larger than the USS Odyssey at the CMSEC; each capable of taking between 12 and 15 students.

Early Light Academy had a large multipurpose classroom reserved for an InfiniD computer / simulator lab.  But after seeing how effective simulator based experiential learning can be using the InfiniD system, the school's board of directors decided to build dedicated simulators instead.  

Nathan King was one of the driving forces behind the decision to build the two ships.  Nathan is the new director of the Lakeview Academy Space Education Center in Saratoga Springs having recently replace Brandon Wright.  

The two simulators will be part of the InfiniD family of learning centers - using InfiniD software and curriculum.  

As of today there are three Voyager inspired simulators under construction as listed in the Voyager Network Directory (click on the directory link at the top of the blog's right sidebar).

•  IKS Niagara . A new Dream Flight Adventures simulator located in the Frazier School District in Perryopolis, PA.  Under Construction.
Starship I: Early Light Academy, South Jordan, Utah. Under Construction

Starship II: Early Light Academy, South Jordan, Utah. Under Construction

Telos Discovery Space Center Logo Creation Contest

Telos Discovery Space Center is showcasing new logo submissions from a contest recently held. Here are three. Which one is your favorite?  Give your opinion on their Facebook page.

Blast Posts from the Past. August 2000
Another of The Troubadours reposts from Space Center history. Today's reposts come from August 2000. Mentioned are Soren Seibach, Stephen Porter, Bryson Lystrup, Landon Hemsley, Dave Wall, Davide Merrell, Mr. Daymont, and Wayne Sandholtz.

Hello Voyagers!
Once again a successful overnight missions complete. This mission was composed of a group of Junior High students that are  members of a rocket club and the general public. All the ships were used. I'm happy to report that Soren Seibach was Lord of the  Votes for this mission with Stephen and Bryson coming in closely behind. 

Stephen and Landon were both assigned to this mission. As many of you are aware they have been battling it out in this egroup lately  until I stopped approving their posts. I was concerned the argument would continue once they arrived. I'm happy to say that both  are friends and the battle was never meant to be serious. Both are stubborn and enjoy rattling each other cages. 

Here are some of the comments the students left us on their surveys: 

1. Its real and it is challenging and fun
2. Its realistic and its fun being able to act like I am really in space.
3. The stories were good and complicated.
4. You learn leadership skills and how to make the right choice at a critical moment.
5. Hard, fun, really cool.
6. I like Star Trek
7. I love everything here. It's so cool and fun!
8. You can't do anything to improve it!
9. It's just plain fun.
10. The kids are in charge and there are volunteers to help if you need it. It felt like it was real.
11. I love how you make it seem so real. It's fun to act, plus it makes you think. I had a great time. Loved the uniforms and the air conditioning.
12. Its really cool how the ships seem so reals and you need to figure out problems.

At 2:00 A.M I was woken up by three quick power surges and then the power went out. Thank heavens we weren't running a  mission. The school went black. This place can get really dark. The beeps started from the Voyager's carbon monoxide alarm. I had to track that down and turn it off. The lights came back on at 3:32 A.M. 

Well, the school year starts Monday. Thanks to all for a great summer. Volunteers and staff make sure you get your September requests in.

All the Best My Friends!
Mr. Williamson


I like the death music at the space centre. I like how every Flight Director has a different style. Mr. Wall likes to play things from Spock, such as "Doctor! Doctor! Dctor McCoy!" Mr.
once played "back in the saddle again". I don't know how the death music goes on the Magellan -- from lack of experience. haha. However, when and if I ever work at the Space Centre, I will revolutionise the Odyssey and its death music. You see, Mr. Daymont, David M, and others who run the Odyssey are FAR from equal to Mr. Wall when it comes to style and quality. It's just not the same. The first odyssey mission I work, I'm going to bring an aquabats cd and when the crew dies they will hear the random and spasmodic lines of "Super Rad!" Hey maybe I can make my own ska band! Who wants to be in my ska band? list name, ph#, and the instrument. No Kazoos.

Wayne Sandholtz

Theater Imaginarium
The best gifs of the week edited for a general audience.

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