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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dan Adams, At Work on the Voyager II. James Porter and Jon Parker Appreciated. Voyager Club's LDM Round 4 Underway. Theater Imaginarium.

Dan Adams Helps With the New Voyager

Dan Adams was the principal of Central Elementary School in the mid 1990's.  He worked alongside us in the construction of the first Galileo, Magellan, and Discovery Classroom.  It was Mr. Adams who came to me and suggested the school's first Imac computer lab be outfitted to become the Magellan simulator. He worked with David Kyle Herring in moving the Galileo I from Sunset View Elementary School (Kyle's old elementary school) to Central.  He used his home woodshop to build set pieces for the ships.  Mr. Dan Adams has been, and still is, a good friend to all of us.

Kyle contact Dan a couple weeks ago asking for permission to use his wood shop to build a few necessary lighting components for the new Voyager at Renaissance Academy.  Not only was Dan kind enough to offer his shop, he worked with Kyle to build the lighting mounts.  

On behalf of all of us working on the Voyager II, I want to thank Dan for his help and support.

Mr. Williamson

Mr. Porter and Mr. Parker Were Officially Appreciated During Central School's Teacher Appreciation Week

Jon and James Admiring their Appreciation Door
photo by Mr. Williamson, slightly photoshopped

Central Elementary School's PTA recently appreciated their teachers by decorating their classroom doors.
The Space Center wasn't left out as evident in the photo above of Space Center Director James Porter and Asst. Director Jon Parker admiring their decorated door.
"I've never had my name on a door before," Jon said while pointed to his name.
"Well, I've been teacher appreciated many times at my old school in Logan," James remarked. "But I will say never as grand as this."  
Without putting too fine a point on it, they were both 'over the moon' with the appreciation received.

Round Four of the Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission Started Last Week

Renaissance Academy's Voyager Club began the fourth round of this school year's Long Duration Mission last Thursday and Saturday. This is the first of two scored rounds. With points on the line and a Top Team title at stake, the competition has gotten as serious as a heart attack, as seen in the fierce determination on the cadet's faces.

The Lion Squadron started the round on Thursday under the skillful direction of Captain Orion.  Orion led his crew through some difficult times with a smile and a kind word for each. 

The Lion Squadron
First Officer Jakob and Tactical Officer Tyler of the Phoenix Gray's on Saturday's Mission

The Phoenix Gray Squadron flew Round 4 on Saturday.  They understood the importance of the round and gave it their absolute best. 

Working in the Magellan's Engineering Section during one of many crises.

The Phoenix Gray Squadron, under Captain Jack, stayed focused on the tasks at hand and performed admirably. They are confident the Top Team award will be there's.  

Theater Imaginarium

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