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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

InfinD Announces Two New InfiniD Lab Schools. Provo Peaks Elementary and Sunset Elementary. Jennifer Remy Named Teacher of the Year from the Utah Air Force Association. The Imaginarium.

From InfiniD's Website

     InfiniD is pleased to welcome Provo Peaks Elementary (Sim42) in Provo, Utah and Sunset Elementary (Sim43) in Sunset, Utah into the growing community of schools using InfiniD Lab starship simulators. Provo Peaks is part of the Provo School District. Sunset Elementary is a part of the Davis School District.  Both ships have SIM numbers which reference their place in the simulator family of ships since the beginning of the movement. Click on the link at the top of the blog's right side bar to see all 45 ships flying the Voyager Inspired flag.

Provo Peaks Elementary
     InfiniD Labs basically morph a school's computer lab into a futuristic starship simulator. Provo Peak's  simulator will be used to enhance the school's elementary curriculum.  Jennifer Remy will oversee the program. 

Jennifer teaching the Apollo 13 simulation at the CMSEC

     Many of you old timers will remember Jennifer from her work at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Jennifer worked with me on the Voyager and was our summer camp instructor for several years. Jennifer recently was named the 2016 Secondary Teacher of the Year from the Utah Air Force Association.  This is the write up on the Provo District's website.  

Jennifer Remy
     Provo High Science teacher and District STEM coordinator, Jennifer Remy, was selected to receive the Chapter 236 Secondary Teacher of the Year Award from the Utah Air Force Association!Each year, the Utah Air Force Association presents an educator who has gone the extra mile to increase student interest in math, science and technology an award for displaying excellence in education. 
     Jennifer’s deep love for aerospace and space technology exploration engages her students daily. Many students enjoy hearing about Jennifer’s work with the Christa McAuliffe space simulation lab and stories about visiting the Kennedy Space Center. Her expertise and passion for this subject has not only entertained, but enlightened the minds of her students.For the past year or so, Jennifer has requested extra funding to provide her students with the experience of building and engineering rockets! This enables her students to work with their hands and minds to make the calculations and build the designs they can then fly. After the designs are flown, data is collected and designs revised; helping her students to understand the iterative process of engineering. Jennifer’s commitment to STEM education has been impactful on her students and the district. We want to thank her for her excellent work congratulate her on her award! 

Sunset Elementary School, Sunset, Utah
     Sunset Elementary's InfiniD Lab will be used to enhance the school's curriculum for grades 4 and 6.  
    These two new InfiniD labs bring the total number of Utah starship simulators inspired by the experiential education method developed on the USS Voyager thirty four years ago to 21. 

Utah's Starship Simulators
Four Simulators: The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, Pleasant Grove.
              Odyssey. Magellan. Phoenix. Galileo
Three Simulators: Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs.
              Leo, Apollo, Artemis
Two Simulators: Canyon Grove Academy, Pleasant Grove
              Everest, Pathfinder
Two Simulators: Merit Academy, Springville
             Excalibur, KatinaOne Simulator: Renaissance Academy, Lehi 
             USS Voyager
InfiniD's Mobile Simulator Titan
iWorlds Mobile Simulator Valiant
InfiniD Lab: Edgemont Elementary, Provo 
InfiniD Lab: Elk Ridge School, South Jordan 
InfiniD Lab: Early Light Academy, South Jordan 
InfiniD Lab: Holt Elementary School, Clearfield.
InfiniD Lab: Vae View Elementary School, Layton
InfiniD Lab: Provo Peaks Elementary, Provo
InfiniD Lab: Sunset Elementary, Sunset

 This video introduces you to the InfiniD Lab

     This video shows you an InfiniD Lab in action!


Visit InfiniD's website to learn how an InfiniD Lab can change education at your school.   

The Imaginarium

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