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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Death of One of Our Own.

Jackson Miller
Joined Staff: September 17, 2005
Overnight Hours: 76
Daytime Hours: 97.5
Last Mission: June 15, 2007
Died: May 20, 2008

On Tuesday a brave young man passed away from leukemia at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Jackson Miller was a member of our Space Center volunteer family. He was a junior high student from Highland Utah. A few years ago Jackson was a regular volunteer. His favorite ship was the Magellan. He was here for the old Magellan’s last mission before the remodeling. He was soft spoken, polite, and always ready to do his best. I enjoyed his company in the Voyager many times. He was always smiling - that is what I’ll remember most about Jackson.
Jackson stopped coming to the Center. I wondered why. Later I discovered he had leukemia. He was fighting for his life. For a brief time his cancer went into remission. He returned home. He starting volunteering again. The chemotherapy took most of his hair but his smile was still there. I talked to him about his illness. His hopes were high.
Once again Jackson stopped coming. I learned he had a remission. He was admitted to the Primary Children’s Hospital. His family moved to Salt Lake to be closer to him.
I didn’t know how serious his condition was until a week ago Friday when a teacher friend of mine told me he was dying. I was preparing a letter to mail and a card from all of us when
the news of his death came on Tuesday.

I’m saddened we didn’t get to say goodbye while he was alive. I’ll say it now.

Goodbye Jackson. Thank you for sharing some of your precious few months of mortality with us. I’ll miss your smile and laughter. I’m proud to know that you loved the Space Center. I’m proud that our work brought some joy to your life.
You’re free Jackson.
It's time to fly..........

Mr. Williamson
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