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Friday, February 27, 2009

The New Galileo Pin!

Hello Troops,
As mentioned in an earlier post, the Space Center is unveiling our new ship pins. A few posts earlier you saw the Odyssey's. Today I present THE GALILEO! (pretend you hear an orchestra going at full throttle, drums banging, cymbals clashing and fireworks exploding over head. You should duck. Have you ever been hit in the head with the shredded casing of a firework? I have. Stadium of Fire several years ago. I won't labor you with the details. I just wanted you to know why I suggested you duck)

Enough of the celebration. Now let's get down to details. This beautiful pin was designed by Stacy Carrol, Set Director of the Galileo. The stars were added by Dave Daymont. I provided support and enormous amounts of encouragement. I was there in spirit almost offering opinions on the design and very nearly giving my thoughts on the color scheme. I just wanted everyone to know how much of this pin could have been my own design had I taken the time to collaborate with Stacy.

This beautiful pin is on sale at the Space Center for $5.00. I can't imagine not owning one. Can you? Don't be the last on your block to buy a Galileo pin. Be with the 'in' crowd. Purchase your pin today.

Coming up next....... THE VOYAGER PIN. The excitement may be too much for our younger readers.

Mr. Williamson
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