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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Staff Equipment to Ensure a Happy Appearance.

Notice to All Staff and Volunteers.
Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.

All personnel will now be required to
look happy while working. Space Center approved supplies will be provided to each employee at little or no cost.
  • Workloads getting to you?
  • Feeling stressed?
  • Too many priorities and assignments?
Here is the new low-cost, Space Center-approved solution to cope with multiple priorities and assignments!
Each staff member will be supplied 2 paper clips and rubber bands.
(See Fig 1.)

Fig 1.

Assemble items as shown in Fig 2.
Fig 2.

Apply as shown in Fig 3.
Fig 3.

Enjoy your day. This happiness device will help you to reach the end of a mission with a smile on your face!

Mr. Williamson

(I already have mine and it works very well. The 3:30 P.M. staff and volunteers gave me an odd look but other than that I carried the smile all mission long and all without any effort on the part of my face muscles).

Thanks to Debbie Wallis for this Post.
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