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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is There Life on Mars? A NOVA Special

Is there life on Mars? NOVA/PBS will air a special program discussing all the efforts and evidence collected in trying to answer the simple question of whether water/life exists on Mars...It has a companion site with lots off additional cool links and research topics. Set those DVR recorders for this show!!!



Is There Life on Mars?

Tuesday, September 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on PBS

Check your local listings

After four decades of fly-by probes, orbiters,landers and rovers, the quest for life on Mars is as tantalizing as ever. With unique access to the NASA Phoenix and Mars Exploration Rover missions, NOVA shows scientists and engineers in action, directing the operations of spacecraft millions of miles away, as the robotic explorers drill into rock, claw into soil, analyze samples, and trundle across the rock-strewn landscape in search for signs that Mars once or maybe even still harbors some form of life. NOVA goes behind the scenes of the latest NASA missions to the Red Planet to reveal new clues and challenges on the road to answering this ultimate questions: Is there life on Mars? See some of the finest images ever taken of the martian surface on the program’s companion website.

Sheila Keller-Powell
Space Center Educator
National Geographic Bee

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