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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Campers Say the Darnest Things......

Hello Troops,
Campers are surveyed at the end of every Overnight Camp. The staff and volunteers gather after the campers return to reality to review their comments and award points to the simulators and people that score the highest on the satisfaction indexes.

One section of the flyer gives campers the opportunity to provide feedback in written form. Here are a few of the many comments we received on this last camp. Please be advised that the interesting spelling is the author's and not mine:

“My Favorite part of the mission was the very beginning, running through and halls.”
This is a typical comment- the kind that has us scratching our heads. Kids come to the Space Center because of the simulators and when they get here all they want to do is get out of the ships for Away Teams and Landing Parties. First they want in the ships and then they want out! Go figure that one out.
“I think you can make the Space Center better by building an addition and make more awesome simulators. And make the computers touch screens.
Sure, an awesome idea. That will be the first thing on my agenda, building another addition to the school. I’ll need some of Obama’s Stimulus money for that because it ain’t gonna come from anywhere else.
“I think you can make the Space Center better by building a Romulan
OK, someone help me on this one. How do we go about building a Romulan?
“I think the best part of my mission was saving my crew!”
Aaahhhhhh. Sweet. Get’s you right in the gut doesn’t it?
“I like that everything at the Space Center felt real like Star Trek”
Felt real, like Star Trek? This kids needs to get out more often.
Just Kidding :)
“I think that when the aliens shoot you with the phasers it should feel like you really got shot. Also, make some planets to land on.”
Yes, I finally find someone as warped as me. Wouldn’t you love to go to a place where you can be shot by a fake phaser that does no real damage yet feels like you were skewered with a stream of volcanic plasma? As for building a planet to land on, I've got to first remember my Calculus for planetary orbit before even considering the trillions of possible DNA competitions for life forms!
“I like beating the mission flawlessly.”
Flawlessly? Excellent vocabulary for a 6th grader. Defiantly not what you’d hear from some of the students I’ve worked with in the past. “Teacher, I gone and done that there thing without a hiccup.”
"I hated the crazy wake up music.”
Tough because I picked it out last weekend. :)
“I liked blowing up a lot of bad guys.”
That’s what they are there for - blowing up.
And today’s best answer to the question, “What was the funnest thing about your overnight camp?”
Response from an 11 year old girl. “My Farting in the gym.”
Classic, just classic. We go to all this trouble putting together the best program we can using our million dollar facility and what does this student say about our efforts?
“Farting in the gym?!” I’ll tell my staff of 25 that their efforts were well appreciated

Sheeeeezzzze. Some Respect Please :)

Thanks Troops for Reading and Thanks for Coming to the Space Center.

Mr. Williamson
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