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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Tuesday. A Happy Day at the Space Center.

Hello Troops,
We had a great day at the Space Center. We hosted the Sixth Graders from Fox Hill Elementary School. They were briefed on Midnight Rescue. They were great kids.

You know what I love about my job? I love working with groups of students that come to the Center well briefed on their mission. I love working with students that are quiet and focused on their jobs and really work hard to win the mission. I love working with Captains, Ambassadors and First Officers that are teachable and willing to take sincere criticism of their work and then improve.

That's what we had today. Two great sixth grade classes that worked hard to win their missions. I had two great command crews that listened to my criticism and really worked hard to improve. They were all awesome.

There are days where I really love this job. Of course there are those other days we all have where at the end of the day we question whether or not we should have rolled out of bed. I'm please to report those days are rare at the Space Center.

The Space Center is a happy place full of people that have fully developed imaginations. Our staff use their imaginations to make our magic happen.

Disneyland is very sure of itself when it says they are The Happiest Place on Earth. Perhaps some day we may challenge them for ownership of that slogan (And I'll confess, I'm one of Disney's greatest fans).
I'm sure such a challenge will end up in the Supreme Court.
It could very well be the Trial of the Century.

From the Space Center's Imaginarium,
I'm Mr. Williamson
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