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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bracken Funk's Commentary

Hello Troops,
A thank you to Bracken for writing this take on my post concerning the criticism I received from a camper about my absent smiles. Bracken is a student a Fresno State in California and a Flight Director at the Space Center (when in Utah of course). He also plays a mean game of Basketball.
Mr. W.

To Whom it May Concern:

The creatorium's psychology division would like to announce test results of the Bossman.

Our analysts have been studying all pertinent information coming to and from Victor Alan Williamson, and would like to make the findings available to all who are interested in the facts. We assert that we are not making this up.

Evidence #C043526

We note here that this is Master Williamson in his most prime state of mind, you can see behind the smile that there is some form of brain function still occurring. The smile is real, unpretended. He is clearly happy, as you can denote from the relaxed shoulder position. May we contrast that with something only sent to us a short time ago by our spies.

Evidence #C043527

Please note the heightened position of the shoulders, and the strain in the upper right, and lower left facial muscles. Also note the difference in the eyes. In the first picture, his eyes are relaxed. Controlled. We're not quite sure what to make of these...

If that was the only difference, we would be more than happy to step back, and allow a complete and total mental analysis to happen- but the next several pieces of evidence make us wonder if he is in the proper condition to continue as leader.

Evidence #C043528

This is a photograph of our leader as a child. Besides the fact that he is wearing pink clothes (which is his favorite color... Quite disturbing really), you'll notice the brainwashing that is under occurrence... We are fairly sure that this contributes to this:

Evidence #C043529

After staring at a computer screen for several hours, he started talking on several phones (please note the other untethered comm devices behind him) and other devices asking for information regarding some alien invasion- often saying "yes, master" or "I am lowly of low, which is why I serve here with morons, rather than my true calling of traveling the stars. Forgive me, sir". Later, it is reported that he stopped speaking English all together...

Evidence #C043530

Several months ago, 2 staff members disappeared. Galo, and Kenzie.... Nobody knew what had happened to them. While listening to a sleep talking from the boss the other night, it is clear that they are within this cake. DNA testing confirmed... We are quite positive that it was on accident- however, we believe that these staff birthday celebrations are some form of ritual. The adult staff are all in on it (those older than Emily, and I, I mean). Aleta is ensuring the sacred sacrificial cap is near his head. The fire. Kyle's yelling of "Happy Barfday" (magical words). This is cause for extreme concern. When he came to sacrifice the head of our department... Here is what was captured by several of the center's CCTV cameras.

Evidence #C04531

Notice how the heart is clutched... The face contorted in pain... It would be quite a scare... Honestly. But, this isn't the only captured instance in which a staff member had feared their life. Here is the other caught on camera.

Evidence #C04532

The fear is apparent in the eyes of Chelsey is clear. The awkward seperation, and the evil smile from the boss....

And the final pieces of evidence... The strange appearance of random digits and appendages in his pictures.

Evidence #C04533/C04534/C04535/C04536

We aren't even sure what to make of these. BUT, there is speculation that it is for some form of mind control. We are terrified that something bad is going to happen if this goes on unchecked. We are submitting this report out of honesty, and caring for the state of mind of our director. If he has been taken over by aliens, then we wish to call the MIB. IF not, then, we are going to have to move a little quicker to commit him to an asylum before it's too late.

We do not blame him for cracking, if that is what's happened. We recognize that many staff members over the years have driven him into hysteria. We also know that 20 years serving children from Utah County is a nightmare for anyone... Happy Valley isn't as happy as one might think. However, something must be done as evidenced above.

Thanks for your time.

Bracken Funk
Psychological Evaluations
Creatorium Department

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