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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Start of the Week

Hello Troops,
I listened to the Phoenix crew encounter the Paklids as I worked at my desk last night.  Hearing the kids having to deal with our universes' most annoying aliens got me thinking.  The Space Center universe seems to have Paklids and their wimpy Spacebugs on every corner.  You just can't get away from Paklids no matter how hard you try.  Just when you thought you were in a Paklid restricted area, PING - your sensors detect a Spacebug advancing at warp 3.  Don't think to escape. Escaping is impossible.  There is something about a Spacebug's design that attracts Federation ships like iron to a magnet. 

In addition to the Paklids, the boys in the Phoenix were also dealing with Phyllis' 'Kitty'.  Phyllis is an old, delusional, confused eternal space hitchhiker, who can never find her way off the Phoenix before the ship leaves spacedock.  Phyllis has a difficult time keeping her Kitty on the leash.  Kitty always escapes and roams around the ship. Those of you who have flown on the Phoenix know that Kitty is a Klingon Targ (think rabid overgrown pit bull with horns).

How does a crew of young boys deal with these two extreme challenges in their ship?  For them the solution was easy.  
"Feed the Paklids to the Targ!"shouted one boy.

And there you go.  One Paklid annoyance was tossed off the Bridge right into the open jowls of the Klingon Targ.  The boys reasoned that a full Targ would be a happy Targ and therefore leave them alone. The Paklid and the Targ nuisances were gone.

Problems Solved.

And now, a few things from the Imaginarium...

It may come as a shock, but people cannot read your mind.
The prize goes to those who:
 Go after what they want.
Ask, in spite of their fear of a "No".
Take the risk, despite possible failure and ridicule.

Something from the Imaginarium's Self Help Clinic

Coming to neighborhood near you

The perfect poster for your high school extolling the benefits of a higher education

Now this is the kind of Trek we want to see.  Sea Trek
The mighty Ships of the Line battle the dreaded Somilian Sea Pirates.

Yes, we know all about Everybody, Somebody and Anybody at the
Space Center.  Don't we?

The First of a Few Great 
American Success Stories

The First Burger King

The First Kentucky Fried Chicken

The First McDonalds

The First Starbucks

The First Subway Sandwich

The First Space Center???
We can hope, can't we?
(by the way, many of you may not know that this is what the 
Voyager looks like from the outside).
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