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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Titans Return to the Space Center for a Farewell Mission. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
     Occasionally those who've passed on from Space Center life return for special occasions.  Such was the case one month ago when The Most Awesome Rachel Harken, former Galileo flight director extraordinaire, and all around great gal decided to fly one more mission in the new Odyssey before embarking on her LDS mission to Mexico.  Accompanying her on this quest for enlightenment was her sister-in-law, The Most Reverent Former Galileo Set Director, Stacy Carrell Harken.  Not comfortable being listed in third place is Her Eminence and Most Holy Christine Grosland, former Odyssey Set Director.  And let's not forget Her Gracious and Forgiving Erin Fordham, former fantastic Space Center volunteer.  I should also mention Stacy's husband and Rachel's brother, Mike Harken.  I'm told he played a minor role in their epic quest through space having no official Space Center training of his own :)
     These women hold a special place in the hearts of all those privileged to work with them over the years.  We wish Rachel the very best on her new mission and hope to see the others whenever their time and busy schedules permit.

Mr. W.      

Rachel knows all too well something wicked this way comes.....  She is prepared for the inevitable as any good Space Center flight director would be.

Christine finds something funny.  Either that or she's brave beyond words to be standing upright before a major ship attack!

Somebody's down for the count.  Notice how Stacy takes the whole thing in stride.
"Ma'am, I think she's dead," ship's doctor Jordan said to the captain after his initial scan.
The captain, having much on her mind replied. "Roll her out of the way.  I've got a ship to run!"

Oops, I think Nathan (their flight director for the night) may have gone a little smoke machine mad. Here is the brave crew of the Odyssey waiting outside the school with the PG fire department while the firefighters check the school for fire.  This really made the night one never to forget!

I'm struggling with this photo.  The purpose is still unclear.

One thing is clear. I recognize a bridge take over when I see one.  What a mess.  And what is that device in the center of the room?  Little does the captain realize that she's got an explosive device ticking away while she wonders who's going to clean up the mess.

That's Rachel decoding messages.  Bless her heart.  The captain finally found something she thought her sister in law could do well enough.  You know - keep her busy with "meaningful" work :)

The Crew considering their mission's objectives

The crew ready to board the Odyssey.  They've got Nathan's number and plan on giving him the flight directing challenge of his life and not vice versa!

The Imaginarium

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