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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Space Center Says Bon Voyage to an Outstanding Employee. Update on the Construction of the IKS Highlander Simulator in Pennsylvania. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
     The CMSEC said goodbye to one of its own last Saturday.  Michael worked his last mission in the Magellan before entering the MTC on Wednesday to serve an LDS mission to the Philippines.    

CMSEC Director, James Porter, wrote the following to sum-up Michael's career at the Space Center.
One word sums up Michael - Fantastic!  Michael has always impressed me as one of the hardest working staff we have been fortunate to work with.  Always diligent in making sure that he has followed through with assignments and completing the tasks he has been given to the best of his ability.  You can always count on Michael to be in a good mood and if ever he wasn't I never saw it and neither did the kids.  Unknown by most he holds a top position as one of our high kicking champions and he has multiple ripped pants to prove it.  We really are going to miss Michael and the people of the Philippines will be blessed by his loving and kind disposition.  Take care Michael and have fun confusing your companions as you try to explain what your job was.  
The Troubadour wishes Michael a safe and rewarding two years.

Mr. Williamson

An Update on the Construction of Dream Flight Adventure's IKS Highlander simulator  

Location:  J E Harrison Middle School, Baldwin-Whitehall School District — 129 Windvale Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Flight Director:  TBA
Crew Complement:  17
Plan a Visit:  The IKS Highlander is currently under construction at J E Harrison Middle School School.  It will primarily fly missions for the district’s 6th-8th grade students, but it will welcome visitors from other grades, districts, and groups from the community.  Please stay tuned to our blog for updates.
Launch Date:  Winter 2015
History:  The IKS Highlander is made possible by the generous support of the Grable Foundation.
Shipyard News Leak
Laser_field_detailAttention people of Earth, can you read me?  I’m broadcasting this from the Archeos Advanced Shipyard, where the IKS Highlander is under construction.  Security here is tight—I had to trick the SecuriGate Drone into discussing logic paradoxes in order to sneak into the air ducts and make my way inside.  The laser field was intense, but that’s okay, I was needing a haircut anyway.
Listen, I’m liable to be caught at any moment, but here’s what I’ve found.  As I suspected, “IKS” in IKS Highlander stands for “Infinity Knights Ship,” and the Highlander will be a Chameleon class vessel capable of flight through time and space.  It’ll launch with a crew compliment of 17, but this ship is huge—there may well be additional crew stations down the road.
Some of Infinity Knights’ top brass have been in an out of the facility lately.  It’s looking like a launch is imminent in the near future, if you ask me.  And that’s not all!  They’ve got some of the most skilled craftsmen in the galaxy working on the Highlander.
For example, check out Howard “Railgun” Langer.
He’s one battle-hardened pro who’s seen some serious action.  Rumor has it he can weld shut a tritanium alloy bulkhead blindfolded—with his feet!  He’s doesn’t say much, but you can tell by the way all the shipyard crew buckles down when he looks their way that he’s not the kind of guy who puts up with excuses.
Then take this guy.  No one knows his real name, but he goes by the alias of Paul McDonagh and his cronies call him “The Enforcer.”
Apparently he spent some time at the Spice Mines of Kestrel 7, but no one knows if he was a prisoner there or if he ran the place—possibly both.
“The Enforcer” and “Railgun” have been hard and work putting together the Highlander’s flexiplex frame and internal bulkheads.  It’s really starting to take shape!
IKS Highlander Framework
But that’s not all.  I caught a glimpse of Pat “Power Surge” DeFrancesco.  He’s the mastermind behind the Highlander’s antimatter reactor core and power conduits.
And then, I dare note overlook Paul “The Overseer” Svirbel.
 Here we see him greeting the crew and bringing them the good news—he just met with “Management” and obtained permission to double the crew’s rations.  Now they get to eat twotimes every three days, which should improve morale and dramatically expedite construction.
Shoot!  I snickered at that announcement and they heard me.  I have to scramble back up the air ducts before they send their SecurEnforce botdogs after me.  Until next time!

The Imaginarium

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