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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mercy Strike! James Smith is Back! Meet the New Farpoint Voyagers. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans,
This is a picture of Connor and the Magellan gang.  They are happy because they just had a great time telling another of my missions, Mercy Strike.  I'm gone from the Space Center for two years plus and my old stories are still being told.  Perhaps one hundred years from now another Space Center crew will take a similar picture.  That would make me dead, but very very happy :)

Here's to Possibilities!
Mr. Williamson

James Smith is Back from the Philippines  

Many of you teen Space Center fans will remember James Smith (far right) from your old Odyssey missions. He left the Space Center to serve an LDS mission in the Philippines. Well guess what?  James is back!  James got home, finished his family and friends reunions - hugs - kisses - etc, then made a beeline straight to the Space Center to get his old job back. 

Welcome home James and welcome back to the Space Center!  

By the way, the kid with the microphone is Jordan Smith (James's younger brother). He followed in his brother's footsteps and became a flight director himself (Phoenix).  

By the way, that's Christine Grosland in the white shirt.  Christine is like me, we leave the Center but never can quite cut those strings :)

Oh, that's just Miranda in the background.....    :)

Welcome to the Farpoint Voyagers!

Meet the two newest members of our Farpoint Voyager's Club.  The young man on the left is Scott.  The young man on the right is Carter.  Scott is currently in my sixth grade class. Carter was in my class last year.  They went from being your average run of the mill kids, to being outstanding, intelligent, charismatic, and self confident.  Let's not forget their new status as gentlemen, scholars, and good all around Space Center volunteers.  All that just because they are and were in my sixth grade class.

Have a great weekend!  


The Imaginarium

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