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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Space Center Celebrates its 26th Anniversary with an Honors Night. Mr. Williamson Attends for the Free Cake and Opportunity to Mumble from the Back Row as Old People Do. The Imaginarium.


     The Space Center celebrated its 26th anniversary on Tuesday with an Honor's Night, cake, and a rambunctious game of Bombardment in the gym.  Several of the CMSEC staff were on hand for the event as well as the the Center's founder who wandered in from the cold having heard free cake was on the offer.   Half way through the program the Space Center's first adult volunteer made a subdued but fashionably late entrance.  Mr. Bill Schuler, wearing his dress greens, entered the Discovery Room, paused to survey the audience, smirked, then paraded to a seat only after hearing his name announced by Space Center Director James Porter. Except for a handful of old timers, Admiral Schuler was unrecognized by the teens and early twenty somethings.  How were they to know of the Admiral's many contribution to the Space Center during its earliest days.

Admiral William Schuler
The Cause of Many a Young person's Overnight Camp Nightmares
Brother to Ernest Weatherly aka. MadDog of the Orion Pirates
Currently enjoying his retirement from Starfleet as an executive with West Tours out of Salt Lake City
     Mr. Schuler nearly tripped over a flick of lint on the Discovery Room's carpet on his way to the back of the room; smartly reserved for those unreliable with a paper plate, plastic utensil, and crumbly cake adrift in rapidly melting ice cream.  Luckily his eagle eye spotted said lint before such an unfortunate thing could happen.  Never has the Admiral been taken down by carpet irregularities present only because of the crew's neglect at operating a vacuum cleaner.

     The oblivious young staff gorged themselves on sweet cakes and ice cream while sharing innocent stories of missions they'd worked in their brief tenure on board the Space Center ship.  I say innocent because they were when compared to the tales and battle scars being shared on the back row.  One day, when they're older and wiser, and with Mr Porter's permission, we'll share our tales of tempest gales, churning seas, and life's nearly lost to the dredges who lurk in the darkest cesspools of the galaxy.

     The Space Center's anniversary wasn't the only thing happening that day.  As you can see on Isaac O's shirt, it was election day across the United States.

     Isaac monitored election results during the program hoping against hope that his idol and mentor, Donald Trump, would squeak past Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office.

     He wasn't the only one.  Mr. Jon Parker wore his "I Voted" sticker proudly for all to see.  While not sharing who he voted for, his excitement at hearing the election returns was spread across his face.

Jon with an assortment of Space Center VIP flight directors and supervisors

Staff and volunteers enjoying each other's company - waiting for Mr. Porter to start the formal recognitions.
Mr. Porter giving the thumbs up that all was well and the Honor's were coming

      "Everyone, you'll want to go see the new camera system we put in today. It's in the Magellan Control Room," Mr. Porter announced.
     The Space Center is being outfitted with a new camera system allowing all four ships to be monitored from any location. From the Magellan Control Room I saw the Magellan bridge, the Briefing Room's hallway which separates the Odyssey from the Phoenix, and two live camera feeds coming in from the Odyssey. Everyone was impressed.

It was time to start the official proceedings. Mr. Porter cleared his throat several times before the room grew quiet
I'm happy to see another of my well worn sayings survives me to this day at the Space Center.
It's sad that the current staff are as bad at keeping things tidy as the old staff was in my day

Katie was awarded her Phoenix Pin by Phoenix Set Director Jon Parker.

Several received their Apprentice patches for numerous volunteering hours.

Nathaniel and Brenner happy with their Apprentice Patches.  Mr. Porter was happy at least two were on hand to receive the patches or it would have been embarrassing to be standing alone with honors to give an no one to give them to. 
Wes got his Starfighter patch for many hours volunteered. Wesley's old Space Center volunteering contract from the early 2000's was recently reactivated by Mr. Porter.  Wes was faced with two choices upon hearing of his reactivation. He could ignore the call to duty and face possible prison time on the prison planet of Rurapentae, or return to the volunteer flock and make the best of it.

Brenner also received his Starfighter Patch

Lindsey was given the Starfighter Patch. Wow, that's a lot of hours. I'd tell you what they were if I could remember.
Space Center Sub Commander Jon Parker got his Timelord Patch from Mr. Porter.  "An affront to Timelords everywhere," mumbled Mason, a real Timelord who has the watches to prove it.  I think the only way to describe the hours needed to be  a Space Center Timelord is to say "A Butt Load!"  Pardon my Klingon.

      The Space Center's new and official flag was unveiled during Honor's Night.  Much of the work was done by Orion (right), with Timelord Mason's help and support (left). Strange how the flag's emblem resembles the Space Center's logo.  I'm thinking of demanding royalties. After all, I designed the Space Center's logo 25 years ago.  AND I strongly object to anyone claiming I stole the swoosh from Nike.  Stole is such an ugly word.  Inspired is more accurate ;)

More cake and frivolity was enjoyed during the Honor's Night halftime.  Mr. Schuler (in green) was the halftime show  telling stories and reminding everyone that he and he alone gets credit for the slime vomiting Denebian Slime Devil (among other second story characters).

     The best honor's were reserved for after the halftime show.  Pictured above is Mr. Porter congratulating Mr. Isaac Ostler on receiving his baby blues.  The Baby Blue shirts are reserved for the Space Center's programmers.  Congratulations Isaac!
     While some bring family members along for such important announcements, Isaac chose instead to share the stage with his best friend iMac.

      The last honor was moved to the school's gym. Mr. Porter was afraid the expected whooping, hollering, and celebratory gun shooting would be too loud for the smaller Discovery Room and cause permanent hearing loss.
     Once he had everyone's attention, Mr. Porter made the announcement. "Attention everyone, I'm pleased to announced that Lissa has earned her Flight Director's shirt and is the newest Phoenix Flight Director!"
     Phoenix Set Director Jon Parker was invited to make the presentation. Mr. Porter was right to move the the award to the gym. The celebration was deafening.  Lissa is very popular with the staff and volunteers not to mention talented.  She'll make an excellent flight director.  

      The evening ended with Bombardment.
      So ends the Space Center's 26th Anniversary Party.   May there be many many more to come.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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