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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dream Flight Adventures Newest Simulator Soon to Open in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania. Welcome IKS Niagara to the Family of USS Voyager Inspired Experiential Simulators. Meet Two More Voyager Cadet Squadrons at Farpoint. The Imaginarium.

Construction of the IKS Niagara

Construction on the IKS Niagara is nearly complete, so stay tuned for details about its launch, Flight Directors, and mission schedules in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, let’s take a journey back in time and observe how Frazier Elementary transformed an ordinary classroom into this magical learning environment.

Behold, Room 215 in Frazier Elementary School.  Room 215 was originally destined to be a standard computer lab.  In this photo it looks like countless other labs scattered around the world.  Bare white walls, straight linear desks, and heaps of miscellaneous odds and ends piled high for storage during the summer break.  But like so many others, the movers and shakers at Frazier Elementary weren’t content with the ordinary—they had something extraordinary planned.
Their dream led to a conversation, which led to another.  The concept took shape, and in doing so spread to others.  The dreamers unsheathed three of the most powerful their instruments for making magic—not wands, mind you—but measuring tapes, paper, and pencils!

And then they were off!  The team set to work.  Dream Flight Imaginerds drafted up bridge designs, Frazier’s shipyards put hammer to nail, and an elite cadre of Commodores began their training to be Flight Directors.  Now, a mere few months down the road, the IKS Niagara stands nearly ready for its official launch into the uncharted seas of imagination.

Where will their first mission take them?  Only time will tell!
Meet the USS Voyager's Firebird Squadron 

The Middle and High School Firebird Squadron

The Firebird Squadron launched today from Farpoint Station near the Outlands on the first of many episodes in their Long Duration Mission. The Firebirds are one of 27 cadet squadrons headquartered at Renaissance Academy, Lehi, Utah - home to the new USS Voyager experiential simulator.  

Flight Director Maeson Busk reported a successful launch. "They did a great job, just like you'd expect from a mostly high school crew on a Long Duration Mission," Maeson remarked.

The crew sets the pace of a Long Duration Mission. They receive little or no help. Every action has a natural consequence. There is minimal interruptions from the ship's computer or chief engineer as you get in many standard field trip, camp, and party missions. The goal of an LDM is reality. For that reason, LDM missions stretch over an entire school year. The cadets experience the mission in episodes. Each episodic mission is followed several weeks later by a classroom experience where the science of the mission is explored. Squadron goals are set with teambuilding and leadership emphasized.

The Middle School Lion Squadron on the bridge of the USS Voyager

The Long Duration Mission is the cornerstone program offered at the Farpoint Space Education Center. Contact us if you're interested in participating either individually or as a group. Go to for more information.

The Imaginarium
The Human Imagination: A Wonderful Thing

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