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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Newly Discovered Pictures from 2002. The Space Center Staff at Work and Play. Theater Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
Today The Troubadour gives you a few more newly discovered pictures from 2002 of the staff at work and play.  

Brent Anderson and Casey Voeks
 Brent is wearing his Baby Blues, a color reserved for my Programming Guild at the Space Center.  Casey is in his Flight Directors Blues.  Brent is sitting at the desk across from mine usually reserved for programmers.  Casey must have been given a special dispensation to rest so close to the seat of programming power.  The new USS Odyssey occupies this space in today's Space Center.  

Alex Anderson
Of course Alex Anderson is drinking a caffeine free Dr. Pepper, his drink of choice back in the day.
Alex is decked out and ready to make an appearance on the Magellan as someone of enormous importance from whatever planet he says he's from at the moment.   

Lorraine Houston
Here we have Mrs. Houston, the honorary mother of all past and present Space Center staff and volunteers; and let's not forget a true veteran having logged more years at the Space Center than anyone else, including me.  I hired Lorraine shortly after we opened. She is still there today working as the head teacher of the CMSEC's field trip program.  She has her signature lunch of choice in hand - a yogurt.  

Jennifer Remy
Jennifer Remy was my summer camp teacher for several years in the early 2000's.  Here she is with a group of campers in doing their class rotation.  In those days the summer 48 hour camps took 63 campers in each, divided into three rotating groups of 21.  One group was always in a class session while the other two were in the simulators.  They were 5-hour rotations with ten in the Voyager, five in the Galileo, 8 in the Odyssey, six in the Phoenix, and 13 in the Magellan.       

Christine Grosland and Stacy Carrell in the Odyssey
Two flight directing legends found in the Odyssey getting it ready for another rotation.  Stacy was a Galileo flight director back then, perhaps the Galileo Set Director.  Christine was forever devoted to the Odyssey.    

Megan and BJ Warner
 Megan was the Phoenix Set Director at the time (I think) and always willing to jump into costume when needed to add a bit of pizzazz to her missions.  Her brother BJ was always willing to act a part.

Metta Smith
Metta was a Magellan supervisor and perpetually cold.  I'm assuming Brent is absent because Metta is clearly sitting at the programming desk in the Briefing Room.  

Megan Warner
There we have it current Phoenix staff, Megan in her Marine outfit.  There is a picture of Megan in the Phoenix control room today of Megan in this costume.  She wore it no matter what role she was playing (ok, maybe an exaggeration, but there is a kernel of truth to it.)

Christine at the Odyssey's Helm
And finally, we end this series of photos with Christine flying the original Odyssey.  I wonder if she has ever calculated the number of hours she spent in that tiny capsule of a control room taking hundreds and hundreds of student on missions over the years she worked at the Center.

Mr. Williamson

Theater Imaginarium
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