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Saturday, March 10, 2018

The New Galileo Arrives at the Space Center. The Imaginarium.

Hello  Troops,

In was September 16, 2009 when the new Galileo arrived at the Space Center.  Kyle Herring assembled the ship in Central School's cafeteria right next to the first Galileo. We celebrated the event with this Troubadour post. 

Because Saturdays are usually Posts from the Past day, I thought we would revisit this epic moment in Space Center history.


Mr. Williamson 


The New Galileo Arrives at the Space Center!

The New Galileo parked next to the Old Galileo as seen from the Cafeteria's Entrance

Hello Troops,
The students of Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove arrived at school this morning thinking this would be an ordinary day just like all the others since the start of the school year in August.

That feeling of samo samo was replaced with “Wow” as they entered the cafeteria for lunch. Sitting in the corner of their cafeteria was the Space Center’s new Galileo Simulator. It is reported that some students openly wept. Others fell to their knees in reverence. Still others stood still, blocking the serving line, and stared in disbelief that such a curious object found its way to their little school.

Stacy Carrol, Set Director of the Galileo, proudly shows off her new simulator.

The custodian reported that hardly a morsel was eaten. The students were in a hurry to be excused so they could touch the new simulator. Everyone wanted to get in. When told no even the best behaved appeared to be on the verge of mental breakdown. We may have to put up signs warning of electrocution of anyone touches the shiny metal outer skin but I’m afraid that won’t stop them.

The new Galileo was delivered to the school and Space Center last night by Kyle Herring, Stacy Carroll, Megan Warner, Alex Anderson and several other Space Center staff. It came in pieces on the back of a large truck. They finished assembling the ship at 10:45 P.M.

It is finally home after a very long wait. Now, what do we have to do before we open it for missions?
  1. We need to do some finish work on the exterior.
  2. We need to purchase all the Mac Mini’s
  3. We need to replace the ball bearing wheels with real ones so the ship will move along the cafeteria floor without damaging it.
  4. We need to paint the exterior.
  5. We need to put in ‘fake’ windows to make it look really good from the outside

Alex Anderson is finishing up the computer controls. Matt Long and our Programming Guild are working on the next generation Galileo controls programmed in Apple’s Cocoa language (iphone).

Stacy Carroll is the Galileo’s Set Director and is anxious to open the ship to the public and start taking missions. Stay in touch through the Blog to know when the first missions will run so you can book your own private party in this out of this world new simulator, the Galileo!

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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