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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

From the Archives: Emily Perry's (Paxman) First Post. James Porter Retires. Dress Codes. Great Things from the Volunteers. A Salute to the Field Trips Staff and Lorraine. Star Wars is Out - the Staff Go Nuts. Too Many Volunteers. The Flag Pole Arrives. Mercy Strike (the mission) Makes its First Appearance. Staff and Volunteer Promotions for Summer. All With Pictures. The Imaginarium.

Bracken Funk and the Outstanding Odyssey EdVenture Camp Crew
June 2007

Emily (Perry) Paxman's First Postings as a Young Explorer (Someone Waiting to Become a Volunteer) at the Space Center 
May 2, 2002

This is Emily Perry. ( explorer)

I went to the site and it was great! I wasn't able to get past the intro because my computer wouldn't load it, but it was very well made. I myself, design and make web pages, I have found it is very difficult to master shockwave (in my opinion). It seems to me that
the creators of this site know how to hook up a log in database system and are quite HTML profficiant. I still have yet, to master database systems and completely know the secrets of HTML and Java.

The site is just the kind I have been searching for my whole life ( well, not entirely). Finally, A site that allows you to interact with startrek and science.

Emily P

May 3, 2002
This is Emily P, (explorer)

I was looking around on the internet when I found only the Best site ever. It's called the International Starfleet Acadamy. You can sign up for all sorts of online courses including Security, Engineering, Flight, etc. The address is:


Campers Arrive for the 48 Hour EdVenture
Summer 2007

The Space Center's Dress Code.  We've Been Lazy. Time to Dress Correctly. 
May 3, 2002

Hello Troops,

A quick memo on dress codes for the Space Center.

Private Missions:
Rangers: Your blue shirt with rank pin. Black pants for the Magellan.
Voyager - any color pants or shorts but no blue jeans. No sandals.

Voyagers / Pioneers: Your Space Center T-Shirts. Black or navy blue pants pants (for acting). No shorts. No sandals. Remember, many of you play the acting roles and need black pants. Black or navy blue will go with most costumes. 

Explorer Observers: A Space Center T-Shirt if you own one. 


Rangers: Blue Shirt. Black or navy blue pants. No jeans! No sandals. Black shoes if available. Hair must be groomed (Saturday morning also). 

Voyagers: Your Space Center T-Shirt. Black or navy blue pants. No jeans! No sandals. Black shoes if available. Hair must be groomed Saturday Morning also. 

Remember, your appearance is a reflection on the Center. Be well groomed and please be sure your clothes are clean. 

Black or Navy Blue pants allow you to play acting roles. That's why I ask you to wear them. It also makes everyone look uniform. 

Please plan ahead for your missions so you have the clothes laid out and ready on that day. Your Set Directors may have additional dress policies. Please check with them for additional information. 

Thank you,
Mr. Williamson

Our Volunteers Achieve Great Things in the Real World
People Mentioned:  Andy Hoyt, Tyson Baker, Josh Webb, Bryson Lystrup, Megan Warner, Dustin Robison, Bailey Hodsen.
 May 7, 2002

Andy Hoyt. (Voyager)
Andy has gotten his papers back for his Eagle Scout Award and is getting his Eagle. He also made student council as the technical director. Good Job Andy! 

Tyson Baker (Voyager)
Tyson got his Eagle last sunday. His Eagle Scout project was done last summer. His project was building the space simulator at Valley Elementary. Good Work Tyson!

Josh Webb (Green Shirt)
Josh's Eagle will be awarded on Sunday, May 19th. 

Bryson Lystrup, Megan Warner, Dustin Robison, Bailey Hodsen All did one heck of a job in the Mt. View production of Brigadoon. I attended Monday evening and was extremely impressed. More about it later but they all participated in the show either as an actor or in the tech crew.

The Odyssey Crew is Briefed for their mission in the Space Center's Briefing Room and Mr. Williamson's Office
June 2007

Space Center Journal
A Salute to the Day Time Field Trip Staff. What They Do and Why it Should Matter To You.  A Salute to Lorraine Houston as Mother to the Space Center.  The Staff are Checked Out Mentally Because of the New Star Wars Movie.
People Mentioned:  Lorraine Houston, Chris Call, Jennifer Remy, Fred Olsen, Mark Daymont, Metta Smith, Stephen Porter, Kyle Herring, Josh Webb, Bryson Lystrup, Bailey Hodsen, Dustin Robison, Megan Warner
May 12, 2002
Hello Troops,
First of all to the few out there that actually read these Journals let me give you my apologies for skipping the last two weeks. I could list the reasons ........... but I won't. There were a few bumps in the road that drained me ..................... There just wasn't enough mental energy left to compose the entries so I let it go.

On the Daily Field Trips:

We are nearing the end of the school year.

For this week's Journal I would like all our employees and volunteers to consider the Space Center's primary mission - the Daily Field Trips. The purpose of the Center is, and always will be, the daily field trip program. Private missions, Overnight camps, summer camps all play a major part in the funding of Center operations but our primary reason
for existence is the daily field trip program. Without the finest daily program I've failed, the Center has failed, we all fail. The Center would be closed and the public money allocated to us yearly would be used more effectively elsewhere.

All of us benefit from an outstanding educational field trip. It is how we are judged in the community. Look at the numbers. We see nearly 250 students and teachers weekly on the field trips. Compare that to 42 students on the overnight camp and approx. 125 in private missions. The daily field trips provide the motivation for students to return for
these other programs.

All employees and volunteers of the Center support the daily field trip program. This is done by:

1. Providing technical and programming support for the simulators.
2. Talking about the daily field trip program to family and friends. By letting people people understand the importance of the program we highlight our true purpose and validate our existence and the amount of public money spent. If someone were to ask about the Center an employee or volunteer first discusses the education component of Center
operations - the field trips, the starlabs, the classes, the oceanography program, etc.
3. Volunteering as you all do for private missions and overnight camps. The private missions and overnight camps provide the lion share of our operating budget and exist therefore exist to serve the Field Trips and educational programs.

Our daily program is the pride of the Center. We deliver one of the finest field trips students can take anywhere in Utah. That is due to the fine work and dedication of many people.

Please let those employees and volunteers that assist with that program know you appreciate their efforts. We are in May - and approaching the end of our season. The daily workers have been doing 4 and 5 missions and 2 classes including Starlab Planetarium presentations a day to between 40 and 70 students four times a week. It gets really hard to get yourself "up" to it day in and day out. The repetition can be mind
numbing and there are days it takes everything you have to the very fiber of your gut to be happy, friendly, and warm to our visiting students and teachers.

Thank you to our daily workers for everything you do. Keep your spirits up to the end. Keep smiling even on the days were you think if you have to do this once more you will loose your mind. I know, along with all the other employees and volunteers of the Center, that your success brings the kids back for all other programs. So a special pat on the back to:

Lorraine Houston: Years and years of daily service! One flight on the Voyager bridge every day and one class with planetarium show.

Chris Call: Two flights a day with a 6th grade assistant and no staff in the simulator.

Fred Olsen: Our A.M. teacher and planetarium specialist.

Jennifer Remy: Two flights a day in the Voyager. One flight at 2FX and one on the bridge. Also a fill in for Chris on the Odyssey.

Mark Daymont: One P.M. flight a day in the Voyager and always having a Lemon Diet Coke waiting for me as I start the afternoon mission - ice cold!

Kyle Herring: Years of service, coming in on a regular basis and running the Galileo when class sizes exceed the max for the Voyager and Odyssey. Kyle does this on top of his own businesses he runs.

Metta Smith: A High School Intern working the afternoon Voyager missions on her "B"days.

Stephen Porter: Always there to set up and take down the Starlab for our planetarium shows every day.

Bracken Funk doing the Briefing for his Odyssey Crew
June 2007

On Mother's Day:

It is Mother's Day. All of us are doing special things for our moms and grandmas. I want to take a few lines and a moment of your reading time to tell our Space Center "Mom" how much I appreciate her and her special efforts to be there for all of us. Lorraine Houston has been the Matron and Mom of the Center as long as she has worked here. She has sewed the uniforms, washed the bedding, mended volunteer's clothes, baked hundreds and hundreds of cakes and treats for the overnight missions, supplied the day time staff with cookies and relish plates on a weekly basis, gave hugs - smiles - laughter - and true Christian love to everyone that knows her and works with her. There are a few times in your life when you are privileged enough to actually meet an angel on Earth. Well, there is one we get to rub shoulders with.

Next time you see Lorraine, you few that actually read these Journals, let her know how much you appreciate what she does for all of us, and if you are really good, when she isn't looking, I'll show you where she keeps her halo and wings while she is working.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms of our workers and volunteers.

There are a few things happening this week:

1. Star Wars comes out on Thursday. Some of us will see it Thursday and I'm sure you'll reading reviews in the egroup.
2. Many of our staff will be mentally "checked out" all week because of the new Star Wars movie. It won't do any good to talk to them about anything of substance until after Thursday. Their minds are camped out with the others at the theater. Try an experiment. If you see the Star Wars fanatics before Thursday ask them any question and you will get a totally unrelated Star Wars trivia or quote for an answer.
3. Josh Webb will be playing in the State Baseball Tournament for Pleasant Grove on Monday evening. They will be playing at the BYU Baseball Stadium. The game starts at 7:00 P.M.
4. Our overnighter will be composed of students from Aspen Elementary School and 6 students from Alta Wyoming.
5. I'll be giving my congratulations to Bryson Lystrup, Megan Warner, Bailey Hodson, and Dustin Robison for their outstanding work in Brigadoon. I attended last Monday evening and was extremely impressed. Not only were the acting and sets very well done but the orchestra was much better than you would expect from a Junior High school. I'm glad
I attended. Thank you for the invitation. I enjoy seeing our staff and volunteers involved in school activities and sports. Good for all of you!

Well, enough for this week. My best wishes to you all for a good week. I'll see you as you come and go.

Mr. Williamson

Bracken has their attention.  The Phoenix Bridge Emergency Exit is behind the boys.
June 2007

Too Many Volunteers. Time for Some Restrictions. 
May 16, 2002

Hello Troops,
I've decided to close the Explorers to new members until we move some of the current members into the Pioneers. The Explorers Club currently has over 20 members - all waiting to become Pioneer volunteers. We are waiting to move Pioneers up into the Voyagers once they have enough Patches for Advancement.

There is one exception to the Explorers ban. I will consider moving High School students into the Explorers because of their age. If you have a High School friend interested in becoming a volunteer I suggest they hurry and get some papers into me.

Thanks Troops,
Mr. Williamson

Another Odyssey Crew Waits for their uniforms
June 2007 Summer EdVenture Camp

Mercy Strike to be the Voyager's New Summer Mission.  This is the First Part of the Mission Briefing.
May 17, 2002


There was no other word for it but `Holocaust'. The attempted annihilation of several civilizations by the Borg. The war ended three years ago. Rebuilding has been a greater challenge than expected. The Outland Force was established to provide security and
protection as the new Federation Government regained control over the territory that once proudly flew its flag. Planets were appearing on the communication grid once again. News, both good and bad, was flooding the airwaves. People were still finding it difficult to believe the complete devastation the Borg inflicted on the once proud and seemingly indestructible Federation. It was even more shocking to learn what they had done to the Federation's neighbors, the Romulans.


The Romulan Empire, according to published reports, was near collapse. Several of the outer colonies were openly in rebellion blaming the government for ignoring their needs. Starvation, like a festering cancer, was beginning to spread closer to Romulus, the
homeworld of the Empire. There were rumors that the Emperor, in a desperate attempt to maintain control, ordered the nation's resources slated to be used help rebuild the outer colonies, to be diverted to the citizens of the capital planet. This would keep them content and silence his local critics.

The Romulan Senate, lead by Senator Lucio, debated the issue urgently. Senators from the inner worlds, relieved that their populations were being fed and their economies rebuilt, voted against a full Senate investigation. Senators from the outer colonies demanded full disclosure and an Imperial investigation into the distribution of food and supplies within the Empire. The issue was dividing the Senate resulting in deadlock.


As disease and starvation widened throughout the outer colonies Senator Lucio, in an attempt to break the deadlock in the Senate, changed his strategy and openly called for a No Confidence Vote in the Emperor. If he could convince 2/3rds of the Senate to support him the Emperor would be disposed. The Senate would be free to elect a new Emperor.

The Senators from the Inner Worlds would be hard to convince but Lucio knew they were, for the most part, good men and women who would listen to the facts and decide honestly. To prove the Emperor's deception Lucio needed facts - absolute proof that money, food, and supplies were being withheld from the outer colonies. The vote against
the Emperor would fail without that evidence.


News of the Senate and Lucio's scheme reached the Imperial Palace on Remus. The Emperor, enraged that his authority was being challenge - especially at a time when the nation was in a state of emergency, ordered his Privy Council to meet in emergency session.I.

Waiting for the Voyager Crew to Ascend the spiral staircase to the Bridge
Security Station on the right. First Officer's Desk on the left.
Summer Camp. June 2007

James Porter's Retirement Notification. It is His Time to Move On.
May 17, 2002
Hey all you space center people who might actually care. I received my letter of acceptance from Utah State University today. My Major is that of: Social Studies Composite. In case you didn't know, I plan on becoming a History teacher. So, Mr. Williamson, I will be retiring at the end of this summer from my cherished 4.5 (4.9 at the end of summer) years of fun at the CMSEC. I hope to be able to work with the talented Dave Wall and the Pathfinder which is currently in Logan. So um, yeah, just thought I would let you know.

-James Porter

A Magellan Crew
Summer Camp. June 2007

Space Center Journal
Summer Volunteering, How to Do It.  Mark Daymont's BYU Graduation Party. Why Can't We Blow Up a Black Hole.  Birthdays and Staff Graduating from High School. Seeing the New Star Wars Movie.  New Costumes and Repairs to the Voyager
People Mentioned:  Mark Daymont, Lorraine Houston, Pat Bown, Kyle Herring, Bill Schuler, Jennifer Remy, Aleta Clegg, James Porter, Josh Webb.
May 19, 2002
Summer Volunteering:
I'm beginning to receive a few volunteering requests for summer missions. Although I'm happy to see the enthusiasm for the upcoming camp season please wait to send your summer volunteering requests until I put out the call on this egroup. I've got to map out our needs and how exactly to staff them. That will take another week. I'm guessing
the call will go out by next Sunday.

Last Week's Flights:
We serviced Greenwood and Rocky Mountain Elementary Schools. A few good groups. All sixth grades - that always makes it easier. Our overnight crew was composed of students from Aspen Elementary in Orem and Alta Elementary School from Alta, Wyoming. I had a good crew for Shadows. I'll miss telling Shadows. I know the Voyager Specialists won't miss it but it was a very easy story for me to tell and always
brought great reviews. There was one comment made by a student on the Voyager last week that gave us a chuckle. At the end of "Supernova" the crew discovers they are being drawn into a large Black Hole. One student, after hearing of her crew's certain doom, exclaimed "A Black Hole? Can't we blow it up?" A 21st century child's answer to everything!

Staff Events:
We had a gathering to celebrate Mr. Daymont's BYU graduation on Saturday at my home. Green Shirts and Mr. Daymont's friends were invited. Lorraine Houston cooked up a mouth watering, stomach filling, chicken dinner complete with the best baked beans I've tasted. Lorraine presented Mark with a new queen sized quilt she made herself. We will have it on display for all to see at the next Honor's Night. We also sang Happy Birthday to Pat Bown and Kyle Herring. It was a relaxing evening of pool, talk, eating, and Nintendo. Congratulations to Mark for his accomplishment.

We have a few High School graduations coming up in two weeks. James Porter and Josh Webb will be leaving the public school system and putting their toes into the rough, cruel, world. James will be spending the summer working at the Center and then moving to Logan to become a full time student at USU. Josh will be submitting his mission papers and leaving to do the Lord's work in August. We will have special gifts for them at Honor's Night. If anyone else is graduating please let me know.

On Thursday 46 of us attended the opening day of Star Wars! I thoroughly enjoyed the film (along with my diet coke and large popcorn at 8:00 A.M.). It was a strange way to start a day. We got out of the movie at 10:30 A.M. and I had to go to work. Now how often is it you go to a movie and have to go straight to work? The two didn't go together but ..........
I thought Yoda's acrobatic feats (without one singe from his light saber) was a favorite of the crowd. The special effects were astounding. The acting from some - great; from others - passable; from a few - terrible. Overall I thought the movie was very well done. On behalf of all of us there on Thursday I want to thank Britt Hawley (a dad of one of our Explorers) for thinking of us, renting the theaters, and giving us the opportunity to go. Hey, all of you that attended, didn't he do a fantastic job with the commemorative tickets?

I want to thank the volunteers who stayed after the overnight camp and helped with the filming of several "Mercy Strike" shots. A thank you to Bill Schuler for going the extra mile on those scenes.

A special thank you to Jennifer Remy for arranging to fix the costume closet at the bottom of the steps near the Voyager's control room. Those horrible sliding doors are going, replaced with a nice curtain. She also will be putting in shelves and drawers to help with the organization of the costumes. I want to thank Aleta Clegg as well for several new costume pieces for the Voyager and Odyssey. We have tremendous volunteers at the Center! Without you all the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center wouldn't be anything like it is.

Upcoming Level 3 Missions:
Yes, we have a few level 3 missions coming up. Look for the invitations coming soon in the egroup polls section. These Level 3 missions will be the dress rehearsals for our summer missions so there will be several hiccups and glitches - all understandable.

Thanks again for a great week troops,

Mr. Williamson

A Voyager Summer Crew
June 2007

Space Center Journal
Mrs. Houston Going Crazy!  We're Sick of Supernova! Overnight Camp Boys Plot.  The Space Center's Olympic Flagpole is Delivered to the School.    
People Mentioned:  Lorraine Houston, Mark Daymont, Kyle Herring, James Porter
May 26, 2002

   Hello Troops,
We are approaching our final week of the school year. Last week we started with the 4th Grades from Vineyard Elementary School. It was rough. Good kids but rough. Some of you might get the wrong opinion of a group when I say rough. My definition of the word in this paragraph is meant to convey a feeling that they took too long to train
and too long to get through critical story parts. It also paints a picture of a crew on the bridge of the Voyager that, at any one time, had at least 1/4 of their hands up in the air requesting assistance from the Bridge Teacher. Rough...... that is the word and its meaning as used here.

We ended the week with 6th graders from Valley Elementary School in Ogden. Not bad at all. Lorraine Houston and Mark Daymont are happy (Lorraine more than Mark) that Friday was the last time the Supernova lesson was taught this school year. That lesson has been taught 8 times a week during every school week of the year. I've been told by her children that Lorraine has woken up everyone in her house multiple times in the middle of the night shouting the lesson in her sleep and waving her arm around dreaming that she had the exacto knife ready to slice the students into worms meat. Just two weeks ago I was told that Lorraine was making a dish with marshmallows. I'm told that from the living room her family heard her shouting, "Fusion, Fusion, I'll show you all what Fusion is. WATCH THE LITTLE HYDROGEN ATOMS FUSE TO BECOME HELIUM!!!!!" running into the kitchen they found her smashing and smearing marshmallows all over the walls and refrigerator. They quickly calmed her down and hid all remaining bags of marshmallows. Don't worry, she'll be OK. Just give her a week without thinking or talking about stars.

It has been a busy week for private missions. All of the simulators were busy every day. The Magellan set a new personal record for the number of private missions it has ever done in a week. Private mission requests still come pouring in but now I tell them we are booking August. Nothing sooner available. We will be busy enough this summer with camps.

I've enjoyed the cool, rainy weather. I know there are more of you out there like me so those of you that prefer cool, rainy days to hot sunny ones - it has been a good week hasn't it?

I'm back into my "walking the cave" exercise routine. Every day I can I drive up American Fork Canyon and park in the Timp Cave parking lot. Up the trail I hike with CD player blasting Enya - passing Japanese, Germans, and lately a lot of Chinese. I climb to the exit of the cave and then to the entrance and back down again. Right now I'm on 65 minutes for the round trip. I hope to shave 5 minutes off during June. I've only been passed once this season by a teenager who jogged by me. I'll be ready for him next time......."Oh, I'm sorry Ranger, I didn't hear him coming from behind. I sidestepped to avoid stepping on a lizard and, well...... accidentally bumped him. How many broken bones did you say? I guess he won't be jogging this trail any time soon. Poor kid......"

The Overnight Camp went well. We celebrated Kyle Herring and James Porter's birthdays. The boys slept in the Voyager. I overheard the boys in the loft talking about what I perceived as a "break out".heard things like, "Are they asleep yet?" and "Give them a few more minutes and then we'll do it." I was ready for them. I laid on the
floor of the briefing room just waiting for one of them to come down the ladder and attempt to escape. No one escapes from Stalag Voyager!

Around 1:00 A.M. I crept out into the control room and activated the camera to see and hear what they were doing. Yes, I got the `wrong end of the stick' as they say. Instead of planing a break out as I thought I discovered their "plot" was simply to play cards. The camera showed four boys playing poker and using their stash of candy as chips. I turned off the camera and went to bed. They were very quiet - disturbing no one.

Dr. Jacobsen added another little bit to the Space Center this week. On Thursday a new flagpole was installed at Central Elementary School near the parking lot. The flagpole was donated by the Salt Lake Olympic Committee and installed by Fugal and Sons. The flagpole now proudly flies the flag of the Earth. We will have a Space Center flag created to fly under it soon. Thank you Dr. Jacobsen for the pole. It's rewarding to drive up to the school and see that flag flying.

Well, we start this new and last week of the school year. Monday is Memorial Day. Tuesday is Central's Field Day. We fly 4th graders Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is the last day of school and that is that. The summer season begins on June 8th.

Watch for information on volunteering for summer camps coming soon in the egroup. All the best Troops. Let me know about your accomplishments so I can post them to the groups.

Mr. Williamson

The Voyager's left wing, records, and science station officers.

Staff and Volunteer Promotions for the Summer 2002 Season.
People Mentioned: Wow, too many to list.  See Their Names Below.
 May 28, 2002

Hello Troops,
I'm happy to announce that the following Voyagers will be advanced to the level of Ranger on Honor's Night on June 13, 2002. Most of these are considered "Battle Field Promotions" due to summer needs.

A.J. Birrell
Dustin Robison.
Julie Collett.
Kendall Duclos.
Matt Vanuitert
Metta Smith
Scott Slaugh.
Tanner Edwards.
Kevin Anderson. 
Ryan Parsons

Their Blue Shirts will be awarded on Honor's Night. Congratulations to these Voyagers!

Mr. Williamson

Hello Troops,
I'm happy to announce that the following Pioneers will be advanced to Voyagers on Honor's Night on June 13, 2002. Most of these are considered "Battle Field Promotions" due to summer needs.

Alec Fowler.
Allen Parsons.
Jamie S.
Josh Dye.
Katie Kirkham.
Megan Warner.
Nick Majors.
Nolan Meyers.
Sam R.
Stacy Carrell.
Trevor H.

They will be recognized on Honor's Night. Congratulations to these Pioneers!

Mr. Williamson

Hello Troops,
I'm happy to announce that the following Explorers will be advanced to
Pioneers on Honor's Night on June 13, 2002.

Adam S.
Daniel Clegg.
Licia Clegg.
Sam Brady.
Steven Bristow.
Tyson L.

They will be presented with their staff T-Shirts on Honor's Night. Congratulations to these Explorers!

Mr. Williamson

The Voyager Captain Giving Orders. The Mission Contines
June 2007

The Call for June Volunteers. How the Different Volunteering Clubs Operated at the Space Center.
May 30, 2002

Hello Troops,
It has finally come........ the call for June's volunteers!

Pioneers, there are a few private missions. Please volunteer for them.

Pioneers, you may also come and help in the acting roles for the longer camps but you will not be able to stay the entire camp, you will be assigned 1 full day of the camp. This will give most of you a chance to come and help.

Voyagers. You must volunteer for an entire camp. If you need a few hours off for baseball or something else we can work around that but other than that please plan on coming for the whole camp. You will be sleeping here and eating here. For 48 hour camps you may go home on the second night while the kids go swimming or go swimming with them. Just remember, you will need to come back for the 3rd day of the camp.

Rangers. You of course are the backbone of the camps. You may assist on any camp. Also, In the interest of sanity, and because we have a new group of Rangers coming into the club I'll try to keep you all in your ship's of specialty with one exception. Voyager, Odyssey, Galileo, and Falcon Rangers will be all counted as one group so you can move from simulator to simulator. This will help some of you work toward your passes also the Voyager, Odyssey, and Galileo will be telling different versions of the Mercy Strike story.

So....... send in your requests. The calendar on the egroup is up to date.

All the best!

Mr. Williamson

Voyager Security Ready and Able
June 2007

The Space Center Staff and Volunteers Specialize to One Ship
People Mentioned:  Another Wow too Many.  Look Below for all the Names
May 30, 2002

Hello Troops,
This is the current list of specialists for the summer season of 2002. All new Voyagers should tell me where you want to specialize. Pioneers do not specialize.

Remember: Voyager, Odyssey, Galileo, and Falcon specialists will be in one pool and switched from ship to ship occasionally to help you get your passes and according to needs.


Specialized Staff (Summer Season 2002) Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center:

Voyager - Green Shirts and Rangers

Stephen Porter
Chase Wooten
Soren Seibach
Josh Webb
Brady Young
Metta Smith

Voyager - Voyagers:

Tyson Baker
Brian Twyman
Wesley Moss
Jennifer Halverson
Craig Wilson
Andy Hoyt
Allison Cloutier
Corey McGarr
Quentin Smith

Magellan Green Shirts and Rangers

Rio Downs
Bryson Lystrup
Randy Jepperson
Charlie Heaton
Matt Long
Bryce Redd
Kendall Duclos
Ryan Parsons
Tanner Edwards
Kevin Anderson

Magellan - Voyagers:

Richard Orcutt
Mike Nielson
Rich Woolston
Jameson McDougal
Ben Hoglund

Odyssey, Galileo, Falcon:


Landon Hemsley
Scott Slaugh
Julie Collett
Matt Vanuitert


Matt Stapleton
McKay Hardy
Alex DeBirk
Josh Babb

The Imaginarium

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