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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dame Aleta Clegg: Holder of the Federation Star, Thrice Decorated for Bravery in Combat on Distant Worlds, Hero of the Battle of Tau Ceti IV, Mistress of the Summer Camp Kitchen during the CMSEC's Voyager Era, Author, Former CMSEC Planetarium Director, and Outfitter to the Odd and Unusual Visits the Voyager. The Thorium Directorate Gathers. The Voyagers Build a Saturn V. Imaginarium Theater

Aleta Clegg, Alex DeBirk, Bracken Funk.
If you've lost your inner child I suggest you find it on the Starship Voyager at Renaissance Space Academy, or find a corner in a darkened room, curl up and die.

     Someone walked into my classroom at Renaissance Academy yesterday morning while the Thorium Directorate met with the Master of the Code, Alex Anderson, on issues pertaining to the refit of several of Utah's starship simulators with Thorium simulator bridge software, developed by Alex Anderson and team.  My back was to the door. I heard a plastic bag rustling, glanced over, and saw to my surprise the great lady herself,  Dame Aleta Clegg: holder of the Federation Star, thrice decorated for bravery in combat on distant worlds, Hero of the Battle of Tau Ceti IV, Mistress of the Summer Camp Kitchen during the CMSEC's Voyager Era, Author, mother to many, wife to James, former CMSEC planetarium director, and outfitter to the odd and unusual.  
     "Aleta!" was the cry from many in the Directorate.  
     "I've come bearing gifts," she replied. Out of the bag came a tunic of many colors, a bedecked crown fitting a Paklid prince, Romulanish evening wear, and a magical cape with the power to force a double take.  The cape resembles curtains found only in Victorian sitting rooms of the mid 1800's - tassels and all. 
     Aleta's surprise visit was arranged by Bracken Funk.  Apparently he contacted Aleta asking for costumes for upcoming Voyager missions.  Aleta was kind enough to agree to the task.  Having to deliver her son to BYU Idaho in Rexburg gave her the excuse to drive a bit further south to visit family and friends.  It was good to sit down and visit and catch up on all the news from Washington state.  

The Master of the Code Caped and crowned for the Double Take.
     Alex Anderson couldn't let Alex Debirk and Bracken have all the fun.  During a temporary lull in the Thorium conversation Alex found himself drawn to the royal ensemble.  He commented over and over again how good he looked in clothing made for someone of his stature, befitting a true Master of the Code.  We had to agree if we wanted Thorium to run on our starships. 

Alex, Alex, and Matt Ricks were amazed at how the cape and crown transformed Alex Anderson's thought process.
What was once a difficult concept to explain to the code challenged suddenly was easily described and understood.
I've always said that the clothing makes the man.

The Thorium Directorate Gathered at Renaissance Space Academy for Inspiration, Direction, and a Vision Adjustment when Necessary.

     Saturday morning at Renaissance Space Academy on Utah County's Silicon Slopes saw the gathering of Space Center directors or their surrogates.  The purpose was to discuss Thorium, the bridge simulator software created by Alex Anderson and associates. Alex calls these high level meetings on a regular basis to touch base with the center's using Thorium.  They're good to deliver news, get feedback and direction, discuss issues and bugs, and inspire the troops.  
     Present were:  James Porter from the CMSC.  Nathan King from the Lions Gate Center at Lakeview Academy, Parriss King representing Telos Academy, Matt Ricks representing himself, Isaac Ostler, Alex DeBirk, and Bracken Funk representing Renaissance, and I attend as the Space Center Founder. I sit their and pontificate as necessary. 
     The future of Thorium was discussed.  Upgrades and wish lists were addressed along with those few bugs that pop up from time to time.  Alex was good to keep the gathering focused and on agenda.
     I can't leave this article without praising the Andersons for Thorium.  Thorium is open sourced for anyone to use.  It is a gift to all from Alex and Crystal Anderson.  It is their way of giving back to the Space Centering community.  Their way of paying it forward.  Thank you.

Mr. Williamson

The Voyager Club's Lego Saturn V

Kyan, Quinn, Connor, and Brahm pose with their Lego creation

     Take a look at this beautiful Saturn V rocket assembled over the last two weeks by members of Renaissance Space Academy's Voyager Club.  The Lego kit was donated to the club by Mr. and Mrs. Moss.  Mrs. Moss is my classroom's paraprofessional. She and I work hard with our drums, rattles, and potions, to rid our 95 sixth graders of their math demons and bring them into the light of sums, products, quotients, differences, and variables.  
     These Voyager's came in after school and at lunch to build this behemoth. It came complete with the proper innards for a trip to the moon circa 1969.  The Saturn V is durable, having been dropped once or twice during its construction and easily put back together again.  Today the rocket sits on display at the back of my classroom on top of the book cabinet.  It is THE conversation piece for visitors, well that and the life sized Dr. Who Dalek  and Marvin the Martian on guard along the north wall.    

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs from Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

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