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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

From the Archives: Ukrainians Visit the Space Center. Stazi in the Groove. Attack of the Killer Spiders! New Odyssey Missions. Hypercard Programming Class. A Thank you for 12 Years of EdVentures. A Mammoth Imaginarium.

A Phoenix Captain and her Crew.
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

Space Center Journal: October 19, 2002

Hello Troops,
So ends another week at the Space Center. A busy week as usual. This week we serviced Northridge Elementary School. Some very large classes this week but Friday brought the largest by far. The Spanish Immersion Class from Northridge came with 38 students. Then there was tiny Tabiona Elementary School with 19 students. We made it by taking the Odyssey crew from Northridge and placing them with the Tabiona kids.

The Galileo Crew on Break
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

The teacher seem bewildered when I reorganized her class but I had to do it or it would have taken a lot longer to leave it to her. Once we got everything organized and the kids training I learn that 6 of the Northridge students weren't from Northridge at all; they were 
. A visiting delegation with their teacher. Why they didn't tell me that at the beginning? Instead of separating these students from the class and making them observers (due to their lack of English) they mixed them with the other kids and gave them  assignments - and I'm not talking decoding either. My Voyager First Office was one of them. Chris Call got hit the worst with 4. 

We hosted the A.L.L. (Gifted Class) from Lakeridge Junior High for this week's overnight mission. The Voyager ran Stazi. The Magellan ran Kyle's new overnight mission (the mission with no name so I call it "The Attack of the Killer Spiders!"). Stacy ran the Falcon. Alex - the Galileo, and Chris - the Odyssey. The kids had a good time but the wildest, most enthusiastic comments came from the Magellan crew. They loved it and made sure everyone knew about it. Once again, Kyle wants me to thank the well trained staff of the Magellan. 

The Magellan Crew in Briefing.
Summer Camps 2007

News from the Simulators:
Voyager: Nothing except to say that Stazi is FINALLY IN THE GROOVE!

Odyssey: Good job Chris Call. He puts in nearly 40 hours a week running mission after mission, after mission. He puts in more missions than I do yet always happy, alert, and energetic. He was dead tired on Saturday after the overnight mission but was back at 2:30 P.M. for a private mission even more tired than he was when he left but as a true pro - did an outstanding job.

Magellan: Kyle has changed the look of the Magellan control room by adding a desk extension to his station. Next time you come to the Center go into the Magellan control room and see what he has done. 

The Phoenix Crew Getting Briefed in the Briefing Room

Julie Collette ran part of the Galileo's private Saturday mission. She is on the fast track to becoming a Galileo Flight Director. 

Falcon: Stacy C. ran the Falcon on the overnight mission this week. She is also doing an incredible job.

Other News:
Landon H. has finished his first mission for the Odyssey. The video track was completed on Saturday. He is planning on running his flight for friends and staff so be looking in for further information. 

Josh Babb. is working on his new Odyssey mission. Look for upcoming news on that as well.

The Phoenix Crew

The Space Center will once again be offering a Hypercard programming class.The class will be taught on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. in the Magellan. Soren, Matt, and Scott will be the teachers. The class is open to any volunteer or staff member that has 
a real desire to learn Hypercard and is willing to put in the time necessary to master the language. Look for further information.

I know many of you are looking for additional ways to earn class hours. Aleta Clegg has given me a list of classes she is willing to teach to help you reach your goal for rank advancement. Look for further posts.

I was contacted by an advertising company this week. They are looking to shoot a 30 second TV commercial on technology and Utah Schools. They want to use the Space Center as their example with a few words by former U.S. Senator Jake Garn. They've received permission to use the Center from the Superintendent. This will be a public service 
announcement on all the local channels. Look for more information to come.

A Happy Odyssey Crew with a worried Captain
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

I want to wish Julie Collette, Rio Downs, Bailey Hodson, and Randy Jepperson a very happy birthday!

Well, I think I've covered everything from this last week. Let me know if I've forgotten something. Take care troops, Remember we are nearing the end of the first term. Report cards will be coming out. Check your grades so there are no surprises!

Be Good and work hard.

Mr. Williamson

The Voyager Crew with a happy volunteer doctor.
Those uniforms have seen a lot of mileage. We use them today on the new Voyager and they're in great shape.

A Thank you to the Volunteers and Staff of the Space Center on its Twelfth Anniversary
November 8, 2002

To the volunteers and staff,
The Space Center would cease to exist without you. You are appreciated. Every one of you leaves your mark on the Center and those who come here. Thank you for your time and efforts. I hope all your jobs throughout your life can be as fun as this one is. 

To Mr. Williamson,
Congratulations on the greatest teaching tool invented. You really have done something marvelous. If you had not sunk your life into it, it would never be what it is. So thank you for 12+ years of dedication to make this place what it is. I know, as many others don't, just what it has taken. 

The Odyssey Engineer

On behalf of all my kids who have benefited from it, THANK YOU for the incredible amount of time, the sweat, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the worry, the lack of sleep, the money, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the imagination, the creativity, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the hassles with staffing, the hours of registration, the times you've stared at the answering machine with its 75 messages received in just a few hours, cleaning up after sick children, nights walking the halls with worried campers, warball, the yelling when needed, the fun, the jokes, the ice cream, the times you have skipped activities to fine tune missions, and so much more. 

You are the spirit of the Space Center. I am sure you will be walking the halls and doing missions for years AFTER you die. Please give the walls a hug and sing them Happy Birthday from me. Thanks. 

A grateful patron, Pat Bown

The Imaginarium

Especially when someone parks like this

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