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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Lonely Voyager has a Friend. The Space Academy is a Two Ship Center Now. Thank You InfiniD and Thank You US Synthetic. See the New Farpoint Universe Designs. Meet Last Week's Young Astronauts. Imaginarium Theater

The Titan. The Little Ship that Could docked near the Voyager's entrance at Renaissance Academy.
Friend of the Voyager

     It's not good for a ship to be alone, as was the case with the Starship Voyager at Renaissance Space Academy.  For the last three years or so, the lonely Voyager carried out its duties with a stiff upper lip never revealing an emptiness in its warp core. Thanks to InfiniD and the good folks at US Synthetics, the Voyager has a new little friend - the Titan.

The Bridge of Renaissance Space Academy's Starship Voyager

The Entrance to the Titan is from the back.

    The Space Academy is happy to announce the arrival of the Titan, on an extended and hopefully permanent loan from our good friends at InfiniD Learning.  We also have to thank Maeson Busk, Director of the Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove Academy for his assistance in transporting the Titan through the darkness of space on a cold winter's night.  Meeting him in the cold was Bracken Funk, Assistant Director at the Space Academy, who masterfully directed the docking without any damage to the school's outer wall while still leaving the view of the playground for the two classrooms on either side of the ship.  It was spectacular to watch (I'm told).  I was at end of another long 12 hour day. I was pulling out of the parking lot as he was pulling in. 

The Titan's Interior. It's tight for sure but no more so than the Galileo

     The Titan was built by InfiniD Learning with a large grant from US Synthetic.  The Space Academy's own Alex DeBirk was one of the simulator's designers.  Skyer Carr did much of the construction (don't be offended if I left you out of the credits. I only know what I'm told and what I remember I'm told).

The Titan in action with Maeson at the helm
      InfiniD Learning owns the Titan. How it came about coming to the Space Academy involved a lunch appointment between Casey Voeks and Bracken Funk.  Bracken threatened to sit on Casey unless he relented and offered a long long term lease in exchange for a maintenance agreement and the right to use the ship whenever InfiniD needed.  There may be a few other fine details to the deal.  The devil in the details is the domain of Bracken and Mark Ursic. 

Maeson Busk and Spencer Baird.
I really like the Titan's industrial look. 

     The Titan's Control Room is the size of a car trunk so don't expect Bracken or I to be doing much flight directing. This gives our thinner flight directors, Alex DeBirk, Isaac Ostler, Spencer Baird, and Jensen Caldwell a place to practice their craft. 
     The Titan will be used alongside the Voyager for the Academy's Young Astronaut Long Duration Missions and a flight director training facility.  It will also be added to the family of Farpoint ships offering private missions to the public at a great price.  
     Watch for more Titan information on the Academy's Facebook page (be sure to 'like' the page while you're there) or on The Troubadour.  And of course let's not forget the Academy's website;

New Farpoint Universe Designs 

     The Discovery Space Centers at Telos University and Canyon Grove Academy along with the Renaissance Space Academy in Lehi are practitioners of the Farpoint Universe.  Designing a new science fiction universe is no easy task. Everyone in the Space EdVenturing community has an opinion and the old adage "you can't please everyone" is especially true in this situation. That being said, the six Farpoint simulators need stories, and with the stories come special effects: ships, logos, etc, etc, etc, etc..... you get the point.
     In step some very talented men and women.  A new Farpoint Universe ship design and logo was introduced to the Farpoint community last week for comment and approval.  

     We begin with a new concept for an Anowway jumpship by Dr. Ryan Anderson, Director of Telos Discovery Space Center. Ryan is getting better and better with his designs as the weeks and months pass.  It's reminiscent of the Star Trek Vulcan ships.  The jumpship has a wormhole generator ring used to fold space into hyperspace.  There were several other designs released but this was my favorite.  


     Rebecca Anderson, Ryan's wife, isn't too bad at logo work and sent this out for comment and review.  Star Trek has Starfleet, InfiniD has Colonial Command, and Farpoint has the Terran Space Command.  I like it. Notice there are 8 planets and one star.  
     The Farpoint Universe is an excellent playground for all types of simulator missions, both fun and educational. What's even better, there are no copyright issues because it is ours.  Come fly in our universe at any of our Centers.  Visit for more information and to book a private mission.


Meet a Few of the Space Academy's Young Astronauts

     This last week four of the Space Academy's twenty Young Astronaut squadrons launched and set course for their six month mission to the Cardilir Neutral Zone and destiny.
The Troubadour would like to introduce you to the four squadrons and the daring young astronauts who have as their goals the exploration of the universe, the defense of Earth, and the guarantors of freedom and democracy to Earth's dominions far and wide. 

The 4th Grade Phoenix Squadron

Their "don't mess with the Phoenix Squadron" look. A challenge to the other 19 squadrons.

The 4th Grade Lion Squadron launched this week from Outpost 14.

The 3rd Grade Tiger Squadron succeeded in launching from the Outpost with minimal damage to the Voyager.

This was the Tiger's celebratory photo.
Third graders are a joy to fly

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience


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