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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Mysterious Presence at Lakeview Academy has been Identified and Hired. Posts from the Archives: A Report by James Porter from Logan. Space Center Trivia: Win a $10.00 Gift Certificate. Educators at Space Center Houston Fly a Dream Flight Adventure. Imaginarium Theater.

     Nathan King had no other option but to enlist the help of the great Tangina herself to solve the mystery of the simulators at the Lions Gate Center at Lakeview Academy in Saratoga Springs. His own investigation failed, the police failed, even Orkin - a company dedicated to the eradication of pests, failed to surface the spirit.  The medium was Nathan's last hope. 

"These Ships are Clean"
     As The Troubadour reported last week, the Apollo and Artemis simulators have been 'haunted' for lack of a better term over the last few weeks. Sightings captured by the school's security system proved something was there. This spooky presence unnerved the staff. It's one thing to deal with slime devils and first graders with runny noses, but a unseen apparition is quite another.  
     Nathan put a call out to Tangina, the world famous medium known for her work cleansing the poltergeists from the Freeling home, asking if she would accept the job. Luckily she had a two day opening in her schedule.
     "There is someone here," she whispered as she walked into the Apollo for the first time.  She reached into her purse and took out a crucifix. "Leave now. I'll come out once these rooms are clean."  Nathan, Pariss and Rick Veasey backed away slowly.  
     "You may want this," Nathan said laying a phaser on the floor just outside the sliding glass door leading to the Bridge. 
      "I'm quite alright, thank you." Tangina cleared her throat. "This will be easy work."
     Twenty-four hours later Nathan received a text from the medium stating her work was complete and she would be exiting the ships at 2:00 P.M. exactly - just in case the school wanted to have the local media on hand for the formal announcement of the cleansing. 
     True to her word, Tangina exited the Apollo right at 2:00 P.M. Her hair was frazzled, her dress was disheveled, and the recently applied lipstick missed the mark in several places. Her face shown her disappointed to discover the only media present was the school's  student newspaper editor and pimpled faced photographer.  She walked up to the camera, took her usual pose and spoke. "These ships are clean."  
    Nathan stepped forward to shake her hand. "What was it?" he asked.  
    "Not what was it. Who was it." She snapped her fingers and out of the dark control room stepped a person who clearly needed a bath and clean clothes.  

BJ Warner
     "BJ!" Nathan, Pariss, and Rick said in unison. And it was true. The 'presence' lurking in the simulator was BJ Warner himself.  
     Tangina reached out placing her index finger under Nathan's chin and pushed upward to close his mouth. "I take it you know him so I'll take my leave." There was an awkward silence. "My fee if you please, and I want a good tip. This one wasn't as easy as I had thought. I had to chase him down through every nook and cranny in those ships."  And with a snap of her purse, the great Tangina was out the door and into a waiting Uber. 
     "I knew you needed some help and before approaching you to offer my services, I wanted to see the ships and your staff in operation. Besides, I love this place, and with my help we can make your job easier and help the school reach its goals as far as the simulations go," BJ explained to Nathan's question as to why he was there.

BJ cleans up nicely

     And so our story ends with a Welcome to the Lions Gate Center BJ Warner. We can switch off the light we've kept on for you.  It is nice to have you back. 

Mr. W. 

PS. And with BJ's return, the space edventuring world is set to normal with both Warners back in the saddle; Megan at the Space Academy and BJ at the Lions Gate Center. 

Posts from the Past.  From the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's Archives.  

Update by James Porter on the Pathfinder's Progress in Logan, Utah

February 26,2003

Howdy howdy howdy, time for a friendly update. 
     Today we hosted a principal's meeting for the school district. They talked about issues in the district. After a couple of hours we were given the chance to sell the idea of the Pathfinder. We told them about the program and what we hoped to accomplish. We then proceeded to the simulator for a brief simulation. A bit too much smoke gave15 weary principals a bit of a shot in the arm. One of the principals in particular came up to me and told me of the excitement he had in sending some of his students to the program. All in all it was a success.
     Beginning next week the Pathfinder will begin touring Cache School District fifth graders through the depths of space. Unfortunately with the late start, our current staff can only handle 16  out of 40 classes before April. If there are any flight directors with a love of commuting who may want to switch to the fun filled world of the Pathfinder, we are accepting offers. 
     We are in the midst of rejuvenating some less active staff up here. With the day field trips underway, we are planning on beginning an overnight program for Friday nights. This will be almost identical to the current program at the CMSEC.
     We are excited to announce that with the fixing of a Library station we have 15 operational stations. With the completion of all of the stations the crack shot Pathfinder developer crew is looking forward to a new engineering section of the ship. The new engineering section will include functions for both the Damage Control and the Environmental officer. An electrical board is in the works to attempt to outdo the well known Galileo engineering unit. All sizable donations are welcome and will allow the donator to have the honor of being a really nice person.
     That is all for now in the realm up north. We look forward to a time when a few privileged staff may visit this fine establishment. Also, look out for an announcement on an open house. If you have any questions feel free to visit our site at:

-James Porter

Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Trivia for Prizes
Hello Troops,
Let's have some fun with some historical trivia from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's archives. 

Prize: $10.00 gift certificate from Sodalicious 
Rules:  This contest is open to all Troubadours (readers of this blog).  
Answer the questions with each photo. Send your answers to  First response with the correct answers wins. It is that simple.  

Photo 1:

This photo was taken in 2002. This shows a group of students heading home after an overnight camp.
     1.  List 5 things in this photo (relating to the building itself) which are no longer there or have changed.
     2.  What simulator is on the other side of the wall on the left?    

Photo 2

This photo was taken in 2002.  
     1.  Where was this taken?
     2.  What is on the other side of the turning door?
     3.  What creature used by simulators everywhere first made its appearance right here in the 1990's?

Photo 3

This photo was taken in 2002.  
     1.  Where was this taken?
     2.  What sat in this small alcove before the bunks?
     3.  What sat right over the entrance of this small alcove? 

Photo 4

This photo was taken in 2002.  
     1.  Where was this taken?
     2.  What ship sits there today?
     2.  What station sits exactly where Ryan is standing today?    

Dream Flight Adventures Presents at the Space Exploration Educators Conference at Space Center Houston

Hello Space EdVenturers,
     Dream Flight Adventures was started several years ago by Gary Gardiner.  Gary is a long time fan and former camper of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  The Voyager simulator was his preferred home away from home as he grew up.
     Gary and his wife Sarah founded Dream Flight Adventures after moving to Pennsylvania.  It was their wish to bring the space edventuring experience to the masses. Their first research simulator was built at home. Gary did all the programming. 
    The IKS Titan was the company's first ship built at Shaler Area Elementary School at Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.  It launched in March 2013.  Today Dream Flight Adventures has eight simulators in three states and Venezuela.
     This is a short video clip explaining the mission of Dream Flight Adventures. 

     Gary and his family have since moved to Great Britain where Gary took a job at Holovis international.   Michael Penn is the company's general manager for North American operations and runs the company's day to day operations. 
     Dream Flight Adventures is a member of the Voyager Diaspora made up of companies and organizations which trace their beginnings and or inspiration to the mothership, Simulator 1, the USS Voyager.   

Simulator 1. The USS Voyager.
The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.
Educators at Space Center Houston Fly a Dream Flight Adventure.
By Admiral Starblayze 
From the Dream Flight Adventures Blog

A big shoutout to Mike Penn and Debbie Reynolds for their presentation at the Space Exploration Educators Conference at Space Center Houston!

Space Center Houston @SpaceCenterHou
In the sim classroom, we’re headed to Mars with our #SEEC25 team! Each group has been assigned a role, along the way they’ll need to fix the problems that arise…will they make it? #STEMeducation
Mike used a shrink ray to fit the IKS Titan simulator into his luggage.  They set up the ship, assigned the attendees roles, and sent them on a daring rescue mission to Mars.
Space Center Houston @SpaceCenterHou
Our #SEEC25 team has had some trouble on their way to Mars! From security alerts to environmental warnings, they’ve got a lot to do if they’re going to make it! It’s going to take a lot of teamwork! No pressure! #STEMeducation

Space Center Houston @SpaceCenterHou
Mission success! In an incredible display of teamwork and perseverance, the #SEEC25 team completed their mission to Mars while learning of the usefulness of sim classrooms to facilitate #STEMeducation!
Despite a few bumps and bruises along the way—no Dream Flight mission is complete without a hair-raising emergency, after all—the crew successfully completed their mission and rescued an astronaut stranded on Mars.  Well done to Mike, Debbie, and the entire crew! 
Imaginarium Theater
This Week's Top Videos Clips from around the world.  Life is good and Life is bad With Lessons learned along the way.  

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