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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Update on the New Christa McAuliffe Space Center: 2 Truths and 1 Lie. I Get To See an InfiniD Mission for the First Time. Greenpeace and Mad Dog Make Another Appearance. The Imaginarium.

Two Truths and One Lie About the New Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Can You Guess Which is Which?

Mr. Porter will reveal 2 truths and 1 lie about the starships being developed for our new facility. Find out more about what we have been developing as we move toward exciting additions to our fleet.
Like the Christa McAuliffe Space Center Facebook page to help them reach 5,000 likes to reveal which details are the truth and get even more details revealed.

Renaissance Space Academy News
My Students Fly an InfiniD Mission on the Space Academy's Jumpship Voyager

     I was able to see an InfinD curriculum mission for the first time last week when my Apollo class of sixth graders did a mission under the direction of Mr. Bracken Funk aboard the Space Academy's state of the art Voyager simulator at Renaissance Academy.  What InfiniD's website says is spot on: An InfiniD mission is thinking outside the bubble sheet.

     The imagineering needed to create a set of controls, integrated with a science based mission and curriculum tied to the Utah State Core is hard enough. But to do all of that and engage a class of 30 students is astonishing to say the least. 

     I am impressed and proud of what Casey Voeks, Skyler Carr, and their associates have created. InfiniD is thinking well outside the box - light years outside the box to be exact.  If your school isn't an InfiniD school, then I suggest you give InfiniD a call and get them right over to run a demo for your staff.  The product sells itself.

     There were a few hiccups during the mission which Bracken promptly sent on to InfiniD.  Within an hour we had a response.  That is what I call service.  The issues we had were related to the unique situation we have at Renaissance. We have a dedicated starship simulator which uses two sets of controls: InfiniD for the daytime operations and Thorium for our Young Astronaut squadrons and private missions and camps.  The issues we have wouldn't be issues for your normal school which uses InfiniD in their computer lab starship simulators. 
The Space Academy's Four Levels of Engagement with Experiential Education

     Renaissance Academy has four layers of experiential engagement for its nearly 900 students.
     I.  Tier One:  InfiniD Missions.  All RA students fly InfiniD missions during the school day throughout the school year.
     2.  Tier Two:  Space Tech.  Students in the 6-8th grades may enroll in Space Tech, an elective course taught during the school day in the Voyager simulator and its classroom.  
     2.  Tier Three:  Young Astronauts / Voyagers.  Students who wish to take the experience further may join the after school Young Astronauts and Voyager Clubs.  Two hundred students are members this school year. 
     4.  Tier Four:  SALT:  Space Academy Leadership Training. Students wanting to go the full distance may also join the SALT program. Think of SALT as a Starfleet Junior ROTC program for students in the 4th - 8th grades.  

     The Space Academy is proud to be called an InfiniD school. Our partnership with InfiniD benefits our students by enriching their learning with experiential simulations. Learning by Doing is the future of education and that is exactly what we do at Renaissance Academy.

This Much Fun Must Be Against the Law
The Five Hour Joint Magellan / Phoenix Greenpeace Mission

      I want to thank Jon Parker and Connor Larsen for inviting me to come by and watch the telling of my mission "Greenpeace" in a five hour setting at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.  It is always good to step into Central Elementary School and "hang out" with the good folks at the Space Center who keep the magic alive and well.  
     I took a few pictures and filmed a few things for this post. What you old timers will enjoy is seeing Mr. Bill Schuler as Mad Dog once again in those end of mission videos we shot on the first Odyssey over twenty years ago.   Does this screenshot bring back any memories? 

     I'm assured that most, if not all the old Voyager missions will be returning to the new Space Center.  With that being the case, it is good that these original Voyager missions are being told now so that future generations of supervisors and flight directors can see them told by those who saw and did the missions on the Voyager I. 
     Enjoy this short video of the night's fun.       



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