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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Join Me in Congratulating the Space Academy's Young Astronauts and Voyager Club Top Squadrons for the 2018-2019 School Year

We have nearly 200 Young Astronauts and Voyagers at the Renaissance Space Academy in grades 3 - 8.  They are divided into squadrons of 8-10 cadets.  Young Astronauts and Voyagers participate in a school year long LDMs (Long Duration Missions).  The 3rd grade squadrons encountered an escaped slave who was being hunted by his owner.  The 4-8th grade squadrons ventured deep into the Cardilir Neutral Zone to launch several star probes to study a star on the verge of going supernova.  Classes in leadership, team building, and space science complemented the time spent in the Jumpship Voyager. 

All Space Academy squadrons finish their missions in May. Last week, four of the squadrons completed their missions and received their points and promotions in the Terran Space Command.  We celebrate their successes and achievements.

Congratulations to the 6th Cobra Squadron commanded by Italia.  
Total Points Earned:  824.

Congratulations to the 5th Scorpion Squadron commanded by London.  
Total Points Earned:  837.  Top Team Round Awards:  1.  Second Place Awards:  2 

Congratulations to the Middle School Phoenix Squadron commanded by Gavin.  
Total Points Earned:  807.  Top Team Round Awards:  1.  Second Place Awards:  1

Congratulations to the Middle School Lion Squadron commanded by Seth.  
Total Points Earned:  844.  Top Team Round Awards:  3.  Second Place Awards:  1

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James Porter

CMSC Legend Dave Wall Added:

Hey all...If you go to the Community section of the Space Center's Facebook page to the right of the page, there is a link to "Invite your friends to like this Page." Click that, select all, write a quick message and click Send Invites. I did that about an hour ago, and seven of my friends have already added their likes. That's $140 in just a first hour to the Space Center for a few moments of my time. YOU CAN MAKE a big difference!

Meet Mason Perry, a Member of the Next Generation of Flight Directors
Mason last Saturday in the Phoenix Control Room

Meet Mason, a member of the next generation of flight directors currently in training at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.  I found him directing a training mission on the Phoenix last Saturday.  Jordan Smith (top of his head is visible) sat in the doorway taking copious notes to share with him in Mason's post flight debriefing.  

Mason follows a long line of flight directors who can all trace their training history back to FD1 who just happens to be me over the Space Center's nearly 30 years of operations.  He is training in the old Phoenix, and in less than a year's time, he will be flight directing the new Phoenix in the new Space Center.

Mason's time at the Space Center started as a young black shirt volunteer and member of the Voyager Club back in 2016.  I've followed his progress over the last few years with interest.  He is a talented young man with a fondness for wrist watches as highlighted in another Troubadour post from October 2016.  

Mason as a young volunteer

Mason with his Voyager Club LDM Squadron

 Good luck with your training Mason.  Jordan is a good flight director and will train you well. 

Mr. Williamson

Construction Update
The New Christa McAuliffe Space Center and Central Elementary School

Pre Construction Photo
The playground as we all remember it.  The new school and space center will occupy the right (north) playground.

Construction continues at full speed on the new Christa McAuliffe Space Center and Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove with an opening date set for April 2020.  

From the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's Archives.  A Post from the Past
April 21, 2003
Mr. Williamson was on the Radio

Hello everyone,
     I just thought I would share what happened to me today at work. I work at a Greenhouse and I was there all day, from 9 to 6. Because it gets so boring, we always listen to channel 105.7 on the radio. For you that don't know what channel that is, it's the "Cutting Edge of Rock". 
     At about 3:40, I was just peacefully watering some plants, then something came on the radio about Education. First thing I thought was "Stupid commercials... I just wanna hear some Disturbed!". I didn't pay much attention to it, then the line "A teacher from Alpine School District" really caught my attention. This commercial, started to talk about Mr. Victor Williamson and the history of the Space Center, and what happens there. 
     Listening to this commercial really gave me the chills. All I thought was, "Holy crap, this is the Space Center! I am amongst the few that volunteer there!" Listening to Utah's best rock station, that was the last thing I would ever expect to show up on the radio. It is amazing how the Space Center reaches out to all over the State. I live Roy, over 80 miles away, and I heard about the space center on the radio. I just couldn't believe that the Space Center was on the radio.

Josh is kneeling next to Alex DeBirk who is in the white shirt.

     I wish I could make it down to the Space Center more often, because I am missing out on History. We are all a part of History here at the Space Center. Who knows, maybe one day a kid will come back, and say thanks to you for being the coolest Doctor on the Voyager, 10 years ago. 
     Mr. Williamson has defiantly set his big footprint down, right smack dab in the middle of History. We all can make our mark in time. Let us just hope that our experience from the Space Center will make us succeed in life, to become another great teacher. Mr. Williamson isn't your ordinary, everyday teacher. Sure, he teaches some ordinary school classes here and there, but that isn't where he really teaches. He teaches the kids that come here everyday. He teaches them to open their minds into another world. A world that has no limit, but our very own imagination. He is a teacher of Mind, Heart, and Soul. He has taught me to be a great worker. Most all of my work habits come from his teachings and guidance. 
     We all should be grateful to know this man. Mr. Williamson's workings has touched so many lives, too many to start counting. I am one of that many. Are you?

Josh Dye

Moderator's Note:
Thank you Josh for your very kind words. I'm glad we've made it to the radio. What you are all hearing is a public service announcement supplied by the State Office of Education (I think). It was written by a good friend of the Space Center. Her name is Charlie. She and her husband live in the Salt Lake Valley and come to the Center whenever they get a chance. A public thank you to Charlie for the writing of the commercial and arranging it to be played on air.

Mr. W.

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