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Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Flight Director Begins and Another Sees an End, All on One Saturday. Space Center and Central Elementary Construction Update. Simulator Scores for the CMSC's Last Extended Camp. James Porter on the Radio. Imaginarium Theater

A Flight Director Begins and Another Sees an End, All on One Saturday

     Shall we start with a celebration before we get to the news of the soon to be sadly departed?  The Space EdVentures community celebrates Mason Perry, a new flight director at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.

     Mason's time at the CMSC started when he was junior high school. He was one of my Farpoint Cadets for our Long Duration Mission Program. You see him in the photo on the left with his squadron on a cold Saturday morning.  He volunteered at the CMSC around the same time learning the ropes as he progressed. 

     In August 2018 Mason graduated to "Time Lord" status and was awarded his Supervisor Blues. 

August 2018
     Mason chose the Phoenix as his simulator of choice for flight director training. Jordan Smith was his Set Director and trainer.  
     Just a few weeks ago Mason passed his last Phoenix training mission and was awarded his Flight Director Blues.   

     Yesterday Mason took that last step and ran his first solo paid Phoenix private mission. I stopped by the CMSC to celebrate his accomplishment and found him briefing his crew in the Kiva.  

     It would be an adult crew!  No worries, Mason handled it like a young pro.  When it got the actual mission, Mason started sweating a bit.  He didn't have a second chair.  Yes, the Phoenix can be flown with one staff, but with an adult crew you really need a good second chair.  

Mason ready to go solo
      I was tempted to offer my services as his second chair but knew I'd make matters worse.  Yes, the Phoenix was the creation of Kyle Herring and myself but that doesn't mean I would have the slightest clue how to operate it today.  "The Magellan has a full staff," I said to Mason. "Let me go see if I can't wrangle someone to come in to give you a hand."  
Shifting staff from ship to ship was something I had to do on a regular basis during my time at the CMSC helm. I was confident someone would be willing to help.
     Tyler was the man of the hour!  Connor asked if he'd be ok to switch. He didn't hesitate even though he wanted to work the Magellan 5 hour.  He saw the need and took care of it.  

          Tyler, all around great guy.

      Mason had his staff and was ready to deliver a quality mission. Congratulations Mason on your first successful private mission as a new flight director.

     Now as I stated at the start of this post, Saturday was also the day for an end.  Saturday was Connor Larsen's last private missions as a CMSC staff member.  I won't go into details about his leaving because he still has the Center's Leadership Camp to run this week so look for a Connor celebration in next week's Troubadour.  Today then, we celebrate Connor's last Saturday at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.

Mr. Williamson

Connor speaking to his one of his last two private mission crews
Connor proud of his last summer mission, "Divided we Fall"
Connor's last group of private mission volunteers ensuring the mission would go without a hitch.

While the crew trained, Connor and a few of his Supervisors were enticed by Tabitha to try her two Cardiasian jello desserts create by her specifically for the CMSC's Leadership Camp

Channelling the Spirit of Aleta Clegg (my assistant at the Space Center and summer overnight camps cook) Tabitha created true masterpieces of unusual flavors nature never meant to go together.  I tired the myself and can attest to the fact that the campers will never forget Cardassian jello!     

Christa McAuliffe Space Center / Central Elementary School Construction Update.  July 29, 2019.

A couple times a week I drive by my old stomping grounds to track the construction of the new Central Elementary School and Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Take a look and see the progress. They say construction is ahead of schedule for an April 2020 grand opening!  

Christa McAuliffe Space Center Update

     Last week our staff celebrated the last Extended Camp of the summer with some specialty cakes representing the three summer stories. You can see by the camper survey scores that these are some of the favorite camps to attend.
     The hectic events of these camps, especially this last one, are far too many to list. To give you an idea of the dedication and talents involved in telling a 10.5 hour mission it involves: 5 staff, 16 volunteer actors and scene specialists, dozens and dozens of cookies, soda, endless costume changes, a few meltdowns followed by encouragement from friends, and of course a bit of Space Center Magic.

James Porter

James Porter on BYU Radio

     Space Center Director James Porter had a chance to speak with BYU Radio host Rachel Wadham about the Space Center experience and how the planetarium will be such an important educational tool as the CMSC creates wonderment with Utah's students. 
      Looking up at the sky on a clear night can be a magnificent experience. There are millions of unknown stars and planets that are just waiting to be explored. Many children are excited to make those discoveries, but may not have access to resources that help them learn deeply about space. Today we have James Porter from the Christa McAuliffe space center in the studio, whose on a mission to change that. 
You can listen to the interview using the link.  Link to the radio interview.

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Videoettes from Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

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