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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Nyssa, Oregon is the Home to the Newest InfiniD Lab Simulator, the First in the State. The Space EdVentures Diaspora Grows. The Starship IKS Marvel in Michigan Tests the New Dreamflight Simulator Controls. Casey and Skyler Return from Washington. Great Things are Coming. Imaginarium Theater and Memes

     Casey Voeks, Skyler Carr and all our good friends at InfiniD Learning have been off The Troubadour's radar for quite some time.  What have they been up to?  Preaching the gospel of experiential simulator based learning of course.
     Today the Space EdVentures community welcomes the faculty and students of NYSSA Elementary School into our congregation of believers.  NYSSA Elementary is the newest school, and the first school in Oregon, to open an InfiniD Learning Lab.  

The magicians from InfiniD, led by chief wizard Brooks Heder, took the school's computer lab.....

and with a wave of their magic wands (and a bit of technology) converted it into a futuristic starship simulator.

Look at what they did with the classroom's windows. Impressive.  I also like the lit wedge panels.  I've seen them advertised online. Great use of the product.

     Nyssa Elementary School is a public school located in Nyssa, Oregon right on the Idaho border. It has 549 students in grades K-5 with a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1. According to state test scores, 24% of students are at least proficient in math and 34% in reading.  The school hopes that the InfiniD Lab will help them improve their test scores.  

Skyler posted this portion of a conversation between Brooks Heder and the Oregon School Superintendent:
Superintendent: "How many Oregon schools have your program installed."
Brooks: "None. We are still just focused on Utah."
Oregon Superintendent: "Cool. Not anymore."

Casey Voeks and Skyler Carr Return from a National Science Foundation Training Seminar in Washington DC.

InfiniD Learning is the recipient of a large National Science Foundation grant. With the grant comes training.  Casey and Skyler recently returned from a training seminar in Washington DC. Skyler wrote the following concerning their trip.
"Had an awesome time repping #siliconslopesIn our nation's capitol this week!We are half way through our research partnership with the National Science Foundation, which means we get to go to D.C. to meet cool people and tell them how we've spent their money..... Thanks to all the rock solid partner schools guiding development. We have some big announcements coming soon - stay tuned!"

Dream Flight Adventures Announces
Test Flights Aboard the IKS Marvel in
Dansville, Michigan
By Admiral Starblaze, Dream Flight Adventures

It's been a while since we broadcast a general communique on this channel, and that's because we've been deeply involved in some top-secret testing of the latest Infinity Knights technology aboard our ships.

Our Chameleon-class vessels have been safeguarding the universe from threats across time and space since 2013, but now we're excited to share that those ships are being upgraded to our new Komodo-class design—which boasts a variety of enhancements to take our crews on better missions than ever before!
The IKS Marvel, which launched earlier this year, is the newest ship in the Infinity Knights' fleet and is the first ship to undergo this upgrade.  You might think that this is due to the ship's newness and size (supporting crews of up to 32 students at a time), but the real reason is that the IKS Marvel is home to some of the bravest and best test pilots the galaxy has ever known.
These stalwart adventurers throw caution to the wind as they dive in with bleeding-edge inventions.  Their sharp eyes and clever minds are honed to use technology, assess its capabilities, and leverage it in high-stakes situations.
Thanks to their efforts, the Infinity Knights technology upgrade is nearing completion, and soon all the ships in the fleet will benefit.  We owe these diligent test pilots a debt of gratitude!
And don't forget—after a day of hard work saving the world, the crew of the IKS Marvel knows how to unwind.

All these great dance moves and more, coming soon to a simulator near you.
Imaginarium Theater
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The Imaginarium

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