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Sunday, December 27, 2020

How I Plan to Send Out 2020 Plus This Week's Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,

The Troubadour's worldwide team of reporters are on Christmas vacation so there won't be any Space EdVenture news; however the Imagineers from the Imaginarium Theater were busy all week producing your weekly video treat.  Please enjoy this week's Imaginarium Theater.  

From all of us at The Troubadour, we wish you an upcoming Happy New Year.  Goodbye and good riddance to 2020, a horrible year. Let's ask Fortuna and Fate for a happy 2021 May this new year bring us all peace,health,and prosperity.  

Each of us have our traditions for ringing in the new year. This year will be different for me. At 11:59 P.M. on the 31st I will be on my backyard deck facing west overlooking the valley below paying tribute to the departing 2020 in a very unteacher like fashion that I won't describe in this post :)  Let me just say that the moon and I will be out, shining brightly. At the stroke of midnight I'll face east to usher in 2021 with a toast of sparkling apple cider sipped to the accompaniment of fireworks carpeting the valley below.

Be Good and Let's Look Forward to a Better Year!

Mr. W. 

Imaginarium Theater

This Week's Best Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Imaginarium Theater December 27, 2020 from SpaceCampUtah's Imaginarium on Vimeo.

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