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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Christmas Over and Back to Work in the Classroom. Great School and Great Kids. Ten Years Ago at the Space Center: Erin Williams Earns her 10 Year Pin. Jon Parker Wins Best Ship of the Overnight Camp. Imaginarium Theater.

Hello Troops,
     I returned to my 6th grade classroom at Renaissance Academy (great school and awesome kids) on Monday after a restful 2 week Christmas vacation. It was "Back in the Saddle Again". My first of 5 math periods started promptly at 8:00 A.M.  The sixth graders were surprisingly alert, considering the two week break, and ready to tackle coordinated planes. First period - no problems.  Second period was the pre-algebra group. They engaged the distributive property with integers without a hiccup.  I enjoy recess as much as the kids. Those precious 15 minutes outside in the brisk winter air without a mask is a blessing. Third period is my online class. Teaching online takes more energy. With ipad propped up on my lecture stand and projector ablaze I attack the lesson with a higher level of animation and voice inflection - a must for the online teacher if you want to keep the kiddos engaged from a distance.  
     Lunch follows.

     My afternoon starts with fourth period.  By 4th period the day's lesson is aged and nearing its sell by date.  After having taught it three times already, facing another class with the same umph and energy as first period means pulling from the gut and starting in on your reserves.  
     Fifth period starts at 1:50 P.M.  I'm working on fumes alone by then. My lesson on coordinate planes is laced with mold and carries a smell similar to boiled cauliflower.  Teaching that last math class is like putting lipstick on a pig some days.  You try to keep it as fresh and vibrant as it was at 8:00 A.M. but sometimes fatigue and the sheer number of miles paced back and forth across the whiteboard during the day takes the wind out of your sails. This is where the amateur shirks to the desk and a worksheet while the professional steps into the hall, gets a drink, composes himself, engages the afterburners and enters the room ready to teach calling upon years of experience and fueled by the ticking of the clock at the back of the room reminding you that each passing minute takes you closer to the end of the day.  One more recess at 3:00 P.M. then my prep period and done.  
     After 37 years in education I still enjoy the challenge of the school day.  My legs and back remind me at times that I'm not the youngster I once was, and you won't find me in the gym playing dodgeball anymore but the energy of a school and the students keeps you young at heart.  
     We're starting on the long march to Spring Vacation. This is that stretch of the school year where a good teacher uses his /her best material to keep the kids on task and attentive. I I'll start my monetary unit and move the students into the chairs game. The combination of both will to the trick ensuring a smooth winter season.  
     I'm hoping you are all well and keeping safe during this pandemic.  Keep smiling, and when you're in the dumps, watch another Imaginarium Theater to lift your spirits.  

Mr. Williamson              

Ten(Ish) Years Ago at the Space Center

Erin Williams Earns her One Year Pin. Jon Parker Takes the Overnight Camp's Best Ship Honors.

January 10, 2011

Hello Troops,
     It's Monday at the Space Center. Amazing how that happens every seven days. We've got a busy week with field trips, after school field trips and private missions. This weekend we host 45 students from Sego Lily Elementary School.
     Our overnight camp went well. The Highland kids were generous in their scores. I'd like to congratulate the Voyager for taking top honors. Good work Jon Parker and his staff. They flew Canada. The Magellan came in a very close second.

     I want to congratulate Erin W. for earning her One Year of Volunteer Service Pin. The pin was awarded during our End of Camp meeting in Discover on Saturday. Erin is an awesome volunteer. By the way, please ignore the cheesy smile. I only get a few hours of sleep on overnight camps, and by 10:30 A.M. Saturday I'm on my 27th working hour (having started at 7:00 P.M. Friday morning), so anything I do on Saturdays is done on mental fumes only. Real coherent thought eludes me until Sunday morning.
     The Super Saturday also went well. We were all anxious to get home though. It was a busy week back from the holiday vacation. 


New Galileo Test Mission. Also, A Few Bits of Cool Space News.

Hello Troops,
     What a great Tuesday it is! We are hosting the Astronomy Class from Lone Peak High School at the moment. Bracken is flying the Voyager. Christine is flying the Odyssey. They are doing Intolerance. We are back into the swing of things. I'm happy to be running missions again. I like the routine.
     We are getting close to opening the new Galileo. There are a few bugs that are still bothering us. They are being addressed one at a time. We have someone working on the ship every day until it is ready to fly.
     I know some of you are frustrated. You've been waiting to book a mission on the new Galileo and I keep postponing the opening. Remember, we have a very limited budget and this new simulator cost a lot of money. I need to rely on volunteer labor and the work of our less experienced maintenance personnel to finish the ship. We can't afford professionals. It is just the way things work around here. I'll open the Galileo once I'm sure the crews will have a good experience. 
      Here are a items of interest:
  • Kyle would like to run a Galileo Test Mission on Thursday from 5:00 - 7:30 P.M. We need 6 people to sign up. We are still working out the bugs so their may be errors. If you're interested send an email. I'll take the first 6.

Imaginarium Theater

The Best Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

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