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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Meet the New and Upcoming Talent at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. The Cassini's New Fire Suppression Thorium Controls. The Imaginarium Theater

The cycle of life continues at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Old blood retires to move on to other opportunities and new blood walks through the glass doors seeking new opportunities.  I've been fortunate to see this revolving door of good folks in and good folks out for the last 31 years at both the CMSC and The Space Place at Renaissance Academy.  

The Troubadour Blog has done a good job documenting the cycle in and out by both celebrating the new arrivals and their promotions and seeing our retirees out with wishes of long life and prosperity. 

Today we celebrate advances made by a few of the CMSC's up and coming stars. 

Meet Wes Kinsey.  Wes is 16 years old and a student at Timp. High School.  He received his Magellan Flight Director wings on October 9.  While Connor Larsen acts as Magellan Set Director from his organ seat on the east coast, Wes and his friend Tyler Gotcher (read about Tyler's promotion to flight director) do the day to day flying.    

Meet Hannah.  Hannah is 17 and a student at Westlake High School.  Brylee Perry (Galileo Set Director) selected Hannah to began training as a Galileo Flight Director.  The Galileo currently has two flight directors; Brylee and Orion.  I found Hannah training with Orion Bowers last Saturday.  She directed a private mission with Orion beside her to ensure the crew had a great time. 

Meet Cecily.  Cecily is 16 years old and a student at UCAS in Orem.  Cecily was promoted to Blue Shirt status and hired as a Magellan Supervisor.  Her first day as a paid Magellan supervisor was yesterday.  Cecily started volunteering at the Space Center on December 17, 2017.  Tabitha Ricks, Odyssey Set Director, has her eyes on Cecily as well.  Cecily has been approved to start training as an Odyssey Flight Director.   

Meet Hayden.  Hayden is 17 year old and a Magellan Supervisor.  Jordan Smith recently nabbed Hayden to start training as a Phoenix Flight Director.  He will train under both Jordan and Mason Perry.  Hayden is also a gifted tactical card maker.  

The Cassini Has a New Fire Suppression Panel and A New Flight Director Trainee.

The Christa McAuliffe Space Center's talented teenagers are at it again in the Imagineering Lab.  Above you see Hyrum and Ellie, two of the Cassini's supervisors, giving me a demonstration of Hyrum's newest Thorium control panel - Fire Suppression.  The virtual panel is integrated into the ship's engineering station.   Hyrum did a fantastic job programming the panel.  It will add a whole new sense of purpose to the station. 

Hyrum is also training to become a new Cassini Flight Director.  He sure knows his stuff, I can testify to that. He sure saved my bacon when I flew a recent Cassini private mission.  I know my stories, but I can be all thumbs sometimes when it comes to the mechanics of running the Cassini's flight station. 

That is the magic of the Space Center.  The staff and volunteers see a need and go to work to make it so.  Great people  - and so say we all.   

Imaginarium Theater
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