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Friday, February 15, 2008

Director's Log. February 15, 2008

I enjoyed the down time yesterday. With no missions I was able to catch up on my work.
We have several Flight Directors and Supervisors taking time off over the next two weeks so I spent most of the morning working on the working schedule. I published the first schedule around noon. An hour later Christine sent an email saying I messed up on her interning times.
She is an A day intern. I put her down on B days. I looked at the sticky note in front of me and saw she was an A day.
(You know, if you don't read the thousand sticky notes tacked over the face of your computer then why write them in the first place? If their purpose is to to shore up the multiple holes in your memory then I propose that sticky notes have a major flaw. What do you do to remember to look at your sticky notes? Do you write another and post it at the end of your nose?)
The new working schedule is out. Our staffing looks good for the next two weeks. I've decided to close a few of the simulators for a few days to help with the staffing problem. Once March rolls into view we will be back to normal.
Our summer flyer is posted to the web site. Kyle Herring worked hard on the new front page of the site. Let him know your opinion by sending an email. Registrations are coming in, the weather is warming and that all means summer is right around the corner.
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