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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life on the USS Voyager: An Officer's Journal Part 1

The Space Center's first simulator was the Voyager. These articles are the journal entries of a member of the USS Voyager's crew set in the same time frame as our missions. I hope this story helps our staff and campers get a better understanding of our universe and ships.
Mr. Williamson

February 10, 2408
I woke up with a headache. Sometimes you sleep wrong. Your head gets all twisted up pointing at 90 degrees to the rest of your body. You wake up and for a brief moment all is well until you move your head to straighten it out and then POP! You know your next stop after a shower is sick bay. I sat up and gave the command "fifty percent lights". The room lit up with the feel of twilight. I stumbled into the shower. You learn quickly how to shower in 30 seconds on a starship. You get all wet, turn the flow to pause, lather up and rinse off. I air dried, again saving water by reducing the need for towels. My breakfast consisted of crunchy yogurt and orange juice. I sat on my small Starfleet standard steel gray sofa and crunched away. The sofa faces the window. Starlight was streaming by in long bands of vibrant color. The Voyager was at warp. My guess was warp 4 by the length of the light distortions. The gentle hum of the engines wrapped the ship in a soothing blanket of sound. I looked at the clock. 8:00 A.M. It was time to get moving. Another day was starting and cadets would be waiting for their morning paces.
I got a few hellos and some funny looks from crewmen as I walked down the hallway of deck 5 toward Sick Bay. There is something funny about a man walking with his head twisted to one side as if trying to carry on a conversation with his shoulder.

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