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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

EdVenture Camp Update: 8:11 A.M.

8:11 A.M. Day 2
The Campers were good to us last night. They went to bed without a fuss. The staff's attitude improves 50% when we have campers that go to bed quietly. A fussless night means we get sleep. When we get sleep we work harder the next day. I locked all the school's interior doors at midnight as I made my final rounds.

The air conditioning is off in the hallways. It is muggy outside. Without the air it becomes muggy inside. The staff and campers are in air conditioned rooms so the night will be comfortable. After my final check of the boys I found Spencer D (one of our Ranger Staff) sitting in the Voyager's Brig with his leg up and ankle exposed. He gave me that look. I knew straight away we had an ankle problem.
"I leap frogged over Hunter in the halls," he sheepishly said. He continued the story, inserting details as he went. We iced the ankle. He called his sister and left after midnight. He is back this morning - walking with a slight limp. We are in good shape.

We had one girl go home around 1:00 A.M. suffering from severe home sickness. Camper's attitudes concerning home sickness covers the spectrum. Some kids become violently ill after a few hours from home. Once they leave they never return. Some tough it out until late in the evening and then, having exhausted their reserves, make the call for pick up. Others are completely opposite. They don't suffer from home sickness - they are Sick of Home. This type of child is usually more independent - they seem to be natural leaders. They enjoy getting away from home and testing their wings in new environments.
The young lady returned this morning. The camp is whole again. Breakfast is finished. The kids are in their class and simulators. Clouds are moving in promising a storm. All is Well at 8:23 A.M.
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